Review: Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who Assimilation2 #8


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The epic crossover between the two greatest science-fiction properties of all time ends here! Our heroes launch a desperate mission behind enemy lines in hopes of ending the CyberBorg threat, but there’s a traitor in their midst…

The final issue of the Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who crossover has arrived. The finale is written by Scott and David Tipton and features pencils by Gordon Purcell with painted art by J.K. Woodward. The series as a whole has had its ups and downs, but does the final issue set their phasers to stun or bore?

star trek doctor who final coverThe Doctor and his crew along with Picard and his team have landed aboard the Cybership and are getting ready to pull of their push to defeat the CyberBorg before they assimilate the entire universe. You have two real teams with Worf and the Ponds handling a frontal assault while Picard, Data and The Doctor try to find the Cyber-Controller. Everyone is running around trying to hit the CyberBorg hard before it’s too late.

The story feels rushed. The action is there, but five or six major events are happening in the span of a few panels and the Tiptons write their way to the goodbyes. The series has had some absolutely spectacular issues, but there have been two or three with little more than The Doctor and Picard standing around and talking about what’s going on. The final issue has the action fans craved, but it’s confined to one issue whereas the final two or three issues should have been what we’re reading in the final installment. There are two big threats that are dealt with in the matter of two or three pages that should have been expanded to a full issue or at least a great majority of one.

Purcell and Woodward do a fantastic job of illustrating all the moments of action throughout the issue however. On the whole, Woodward has been the star of the series elevating the story higher with his photorealistic painted art. Where he helped drive home fan moments that were present in the issues that had Tony Lee present for writing, he does an apt job at handling what the Tiptons throw his way. The scenes of destruction are top notch.

Bottom Line: Star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who Assimilation2 is the crossover event fans have been waiting for. The first half of the story was superb, the middle fleshed out the threat as the two leads (Picard and The Doctor) talked it out, and the finale pumped up the action. While it is a great event taken as a whole, the final issue will probably leave many readers wishing the last two or three issues would have been this action oriented 3/5

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