Review: Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who Assimilation2 #2


The second entry into one of the most anticipated crossovers in Sci-Fi history debuted today. Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #2 further sets up all the major players and gets everyone into place. In the first issue, The Doctor and the Ponds went from ancient Egyptian adventures to tracking down a new mystery after seeing a disturbing sight an interdimensional prison cell/interstellar delivery system gem showed The Doctor of a strange vision featuring Cybermen and the Borg.  At the conclusion, our two Sci-Fi camps meet up in San Francisco.

This issue kicks off with Captain Picard’s crew visiting a group of Starfleet engineers on a mining site on the Dai-Ai home world. There is a very gripping scene where Geordi is running diagnostics on Mr. Data. The two have a conversation about upgrading Data. There is a touching exchange about changing parts and how that could lead to a changed person. It is a very poignant conversation considering the modus operandi of both the Cybermen and the Borg. Later on Riker, Worf and Data go onto the planet to check in with the stationed crew. Things don’t go exactly as planned. Through this stopover, we learn about why the mining is taking place and how these are incredibly valuable resources.

The second part of the book picks up with how the first one left off. We are in the bar in San Francisco where The Doctor and company come barging in on the Starfleet crew. You know that it is the TNG crew so this shouldn’t be a spoiler, but The Doctor and Data have a run-in. The scene was brief, but hopefully the two have another one-on-one encounter in the following issues. The Who Crew and TNG Crew meet up. Captain Picard meet The Doctor, Doctor meet Picard. We get a cliffhanger that puts all the pieces in place for the big battle we all know is coming.

This issue was setting things up much like the first one. Instead of things being seen from the Doctor Who perspective, we get the Star Trek perspective. Now that the teams have met and sized each other up, it should be combined Sci-Fi goodness from here on out.  Scott and David Tipton and Tony Lee really have crafted a good story. It would have been so easy to make this seem like a middle of the line fanfic, but they have really steered it away from feeling in any way like that. I couldn’t imagine the pressure they felt by combining these two franchises, but they are doing exceptionally well so far. J.K. Woodward continues to astound with his art for the book. The characters look stunningly like there TV counterparts.

Seriously, you can compare them right now, Star Trek The Next Generation and Doctor Who are both streaming on Netflix.

Some of the Doctor Who stories from IDW are hit and miss with the Matt Smith Doctor in their artistic interpretations, but Woodward nails it in every panel. It will be exciting to see what he unleashes in the remaining 6 issues.

Bottom Line: This issue is just as strong as the first one, and it looks like the others are shaping up to be just as good. The cliffhanger makes it seem like we are going straight to the deep end with issue 3. From the teaser art on the last page, it’s hard not to get excited about the people shown on the cover image tease. This issue set things up nicely. Tipton, Tipton, Lee, and Woodward are really delivering. I give this issue a 4/5.


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