Review: Star Trek The Official Starships Collection Issue 1


trek bannerYesterday we had a review of the Doctor Who Figurine Collection, and today we have a review of a similar product for a different sci-fi world. The Star Trek Official Starships Collection has recently been released. The collection presents scale models of all the biggest and best ships from all five Star Trek TV series and some of the movies. The first issue features the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D. Like the Doctor Who collection we spoke about yesterday, this one also come with a special magazine taking a look at the world of Star Trek and each ship that is released.

enterpriseThe first ship chosen for the new model series is the Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The gigantic Enterprise is presented in all of its glory. The highly detailed model shows off the main bridge, the warp engine nacelle, the shuttlebays, the Bussard Collector and all the other bells and whistles that makes Captain Picard’s ship the flagship of Starfleet. The ships are as accurate as any other models out there. The members of the original VFX teams have provided original CG models and other reference material for each ship in the collection. As Trekkies well know, the colors of the ship vary from episode to episode and from studio model to studio model. The Eaglemoss crew has selected colors with the help of CBS Studios to provide an official representation of each ship’s “correct colors.”

The magazine included details the specifications of the Enterprise. It’s as if you were handed a dossier with the history, specs, layout, defense systems, and functions of the ship. The magazine is as highly detailed as the model it goes along with.  Besides the in-universe history of the ship, there is also a detailed history of the design process that went into the ship. There is a great write up on how Andrew Probert came up with the design and how it changed from conception to the first episode of the show.

If you’re a fan of Star Trek, this is definitely one collectible series you’ll want to have. Each issue has a $20 price tag, but if you sign up you get the chance to get loyalty gifts like binders, a Borg cube, and even an Enterprise dedication plaque. Even if you don’t want to lock yourself in for the long term, there are more than enough great models coming up that you’ll still want to pick them up. You can learn more about the collection on the official website here and the Facebook page here. This collection is actually available in the US. It will be released in October. Will you be picking up some of the ships in the Star Trek Collection?


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