Review: Star Trek Countdown To Darkness #3


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The lead up to this Spring’s STAR TREK film sequel continues here, in this official prequel mini-series overseen by writer/producer Roberto Orci. Captain Kirk and his crew will face an all-new adversary that threatens the future of the entire Federation. Don’t miss this exclusive all-new story that sets the stage for the upcoming blockbuster movie!

countdown coverWe’re another month closer to the release of Star Trek Into Darkness. A new month means a new Countdown to Darkness prequel comic from IDW. The story is from Roberto Orci and Mike Johnson with Johnson writing the script. David Messina handles art with Marinia Castelvetro serving as an ink assistant and Claudia Scarletgothica tackles colors. Chris Mowry rounds out the cast with lettering. Does this month pick up the pace, or should we count this series down and out?

We pick up this issue with Spock’s stealth mission to save Sulu and red shirt Hendorff from the clutches of the warring natives. What Sulu has in his shoes, thanks to a special dispensation from the Captain, doesn’t leave the two mean completely defenseless. As Spock helps break his two crew members out, Kirk is planning to set out on his own to save the men, much to the displeasure of former Captain April. Before Kirk can go off to save the day, Uhura brings the arm smuggler Mudd planet side. With April reunited with his smuggler and Kirk reunited with Uhura, it’s only a quick run in a drop ship to pick everyone up and everyone’s back on the Enterprise. While on the ship, Kirk and Spock interrogate April and Mudd. We begin to see what the war is truly about, and start to see how this story will probably connect with the movie. Some unexpected things happen and Kirk and the crew are racing against the clock to stop someone from making the planet’s civil war a full blown galactic campaign.

Johnson writes a strong script. The previous issues were good stories, but we didn’t really get the sense they were connecting to the movie. This outing we get a better sense of that, from the few details we actually know about the film. Messina draws an overall good issue. There are inconsistencies with Kirk throughout the book, but other than those instances it’s a solid issue. Castelvetro’s inks and Scarletgothica’s colors get a chance to shine with all the laser firing and phasers going off.

Bottom Line: We’re starting to make some headway with Countdown to Darkness. It’s been a solid story, just not one that feels like the movie tie-in it’s touted as. Three issues in and we’re starting to see some of the puzzle pieces fall into place. Especially with the cover for next month’s issue showing Klingon’s, I expect things to really kick into high gear 4/5

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