Review: Star Trek #19 Scotty One-Shot

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Review of: Star Trek #19
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Mike Johnson

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On April 3, 2013
Last modified:April 3, 2013


Star Trek #19 is another great character piece that gives us a look at another member of the Enterprise. The one-shot stories have all been of the highest quality, and #19 is no different.

As excitement builds for the upcoming film sequel, the ongoing STAR TREK comics series shows fans the events that shaped the lives of the beloved Enterprise crew! In this issue we discover what led young Montgomery Scott to devote himself to engineering, as we witness his first steps on the journey that would take him across the galaxy! Overseen by Trek writer/producer Roberto Orci, this all-new tale sheds light on a classic character!

star trek comic coverThe countdown to Star Trek Into Darkness rolls on as IDW offers up another one-shot story looking at a member of the USS Enterprise. This time around we look at the ship’s engineer- Scotty. The story is written by Mike Johnson with Roberto Orci serving as story consultant. Claudia Balboni handles art with Erica Durante tackling inks. Arianna Florean provides colors with Claudia SGC providing color supervision. Neil Uyetake rounds out the cast with lettering. The question is should you beam this issue up to the cash register or not.

Our story opens way back in 1787 off the coast of Gibraltar on the deck of the HMS Enterprise. We’re told the story of one Mister Scott and how he kept the sails of the ship up in a ferocious storm. Young Montgomery Scott is being told the story of his ancestor as a young boy in Linlithgow, Scotland in 2231. Scotty is a precocious little boy who wants nothing more than to be an engineer. It’s in his blood. His grandfather says that Scott’s have built every kind of craft imaginable and fixing things is just in their blood. As we run through events in Scotty’s life, we see him and his brother sneaking into the ship yard where Scotty figures out how to fix a ship. We then see his failed attempt at joining the Starfleet Academy. He’s too smart for his own good, but there are other ways to get into space. Scotty joins up with a trading freighter where he helps keep things running. Then one day something happens, maybe it’s destiny, but something happens and Scotty gets another chance to be in Starfleet. We of course know Scotty gets exiled, so we see the infamous incident with a dog and its infamous trip to the Cydonia Station.

Johnson crafts a fantastic story shedding some light on one of the Enterprise’s most lively characters. It’s a humorous story that shows what it is that drives Scotty to do what he does. Balboni’s art is great. You can see Simon Pegg in each version of Scotty, from childhood to just before the events of the first JJ Abrams flick. The colors are just as great and help make the flashback/stories pop with a life of their own.

Bottom Line: Star Trek #19 is another great character piece that gives us a look at another member of the Enterprise. The one-shot stories have all been of the highest quality, and #19 is no different. Even if you’re not the biggest Star Trek fan, you’ll find a fantastic story in its own right. Like I said before, IDW is making me become something of a Star Trek fan myself 5/5


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