Review: Star Mage #4

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Review of: Star Mage #4
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JC De La Torre

Star Mage #4

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On July 2, 2014
Last modified:July 2, 2014


Star Mage has crafted a very well thought out universe with interesting creatures and characters, but it gets slightly bogged down in exposition and history.

A few months after the dramatic cliffhanger in Issue 3, Darien and his friends are forced to fend off Orasmas’ monsters while Arylos searches for the truth. Plus, what does Earthen Aaron King have to do with anything?

The story of the Star Mage continues this month with the release of issue #4 of 6. The story is written by JC De La Torre with art by Franco Cespedes. The story has been building up the world for the most part, but how do things fare now that we’re at the halfway point?

It has been a few months since the last issue’s finale featuring a rather startling revelation regarding the possible fate of Darien’s father. Since then young Darien has been continuing his studies and making quick work of the more introductory elements of harnessing your Kishpu. He has made friends, and believe it or not a few enemies. While the danger is still out there, Darien is trying to prepare as best he can. When the school comes under attack, Darien (and the students and teachers) realize no one is safe anywhere. Darien has to continue studying, but the danger is hitting closer and closer to home. Can Darien become what he needs to be? Is there even enough time left?

JC De La Torre writes another issue that builds up the world and the various characters and creatures that inhabit it. Darien’s studies serve as a way for more information about the universe’s inhabitants to be revealed. There is some movement with the plot as a new attack happens and Darien has to undergo a change of scenery, and a new element is introduced in the opening pages, but it feels like a little momentum from the big cliffhanger last month is lost with the time jump. It still feels a little exposition heavy, but the finale this month seems to indicate we’re breaking away from that with the last two installments. Cespedes’ art is sharp overall. The characters and creatures are very well presented and incredibly distinct and different. There are a few instances where the anatomy, especially the hands, look a little off but those instances are few and far between. The colors are as bright and sleek as the art. This is a very eye-popping sci-fi world that pulls you in with each page visually.

Bottom Line: Star Mage has crafted a very well thought out universe with interesting creatures and characters, but it gets slightly bogged down in exposition and history. With two issues left, it seems things are kicking into high gear. This is one that you don’t want to give up on just yet. 2.5/5


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