Review: The Spider #17

Review of: The Spider #17
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David Liss

The Spider #17

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On February 5, 2014
Last modified:February 5, 2014


The Spider really pulls you into his web as we approach the final issue.

Brought low by his enemies, the Spider has lost the means to carry on his crusade against crime, but not the will. Now it is time to strike back. The Spider wipes the slate clean and takes his pulpy revenge on those who have targeted him, but he’s about to find out that their hooks go far deeper into his life than he ever imagined.

The penultimate installment of The Spider hits this month with issue #17. The story is written by David Liss with art by Ivan Rodriguez. Vinicius Andrade provides colors with Simon Bowland tackling lettering. The Spider has been down, but he’s not out. How are things shaping up now that the end is in sight?

The Spider has been stripped of all his resources, but he was still able to stop the Red Hand’s plans. The villain, who was something of a gentleman and dandy, is now in jail. The city streets are safe and hard crime is on the decline. The only disconcerting thing is that it’s not because of anything The Spider is doing. A weird gang of do-gooders in some deep V-neck shirts are making sure violent crime is put in check. They have their hands in some questionable businesses, but the streets are safe and violent crime is virtually nonexistent. The Spider decides to investigate the group’s true intentions, quickly finding himself pulled into a web of intrigue and political maneuvering. Big things are being set up, but The Spider isn’t so fast on the uptake. Can he find out what this group is really up to or will he be caught in his own web?

Liss writes a fast-paced story that has a lot going on. We have The Spider getting his groove back, some new developments with Nita’s fractured relationship with her husband, and big wheels are set in motion to put The Spider out of commission once and for all. There’s not a lot of time to linger on anything as Liss pulls out all the stops and ramps things up for the big finale. That faster pace is a double edged sword, but we do get a lot of payoff for things set up long ago. Rodriguez’s art is very slick and expressive. Some things come off a little too loose and loses detail in the line work with features aren’t as defined, but some nicely laid out panels in the last section really grabs your attention. Andrade’s colors are very vibrant, though at times characters look too smooth and bright for the setting.

Bottom Line: The Spider really pulls you into his web as we approach the final issue. It seems The Spider is always getting set up, but this time he might not be able to escape this trap as cleanly as he has others before. A lot of things are paid off this issue but there’s still a lot to go. I can wait to see how Liss brings them together. 3/5

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