Review: SPACEMAN by Azzarello & Risso


There is an engaging unfolding of Orson’s world in this first issue of Spaceman. He dreams of his past life as a member of the United States space program and awakes to his current life on a greatly changed Earth.







Mind Blowing, Head Scratching, Enjoyment

Oscar is a man of few words and deep emotions. His Ape like appearance hints at a possible genetic modification, and his priorities revolve around obtaining credits to feed his habits: a virtural lover and chemical relaxants.

While on a salvage job he finds his normal routines shaken when he rescues a young girl  who has recentlybeen abducted.

Art and Story really meld in this first issue to give the reader an enjoyable experience. There is a lot that isn’t really explained  yet in regards to Oscars past , but for a first issue, the book really entertains and  leaves you wanting more. Azzarello as usual has created a very intriguing book, I’m really excited to see where he goes with it. 

 Risso and the coloring team do an amazing job at creating a futuristic atmosphere as well as the expressing the decay of Oscar’s current  society as a whole.


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