Review: Skyman #3

Review of: Skyman #3
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Joshua Hale Fialkov
Dark Horse

Skyman #3

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On March 19, 2014
Last modified:March 19, 2014


Skyman soars to new heights this month.

After a violent clash with his handlers, Skyman’s at odds with the agents of the program that created him—and now he needs to fight his way out of dangerous airspace into friendlier skies before things get worse! Knowing he can’t fly solo, the new hero seeks an alliance with a fellow patriot, but will he be greeted as friend or foe?

Skyman meets Captain Midnight in the penultimate installment of Dark Horse’s new Skyman miniseries. The story is written by Joshua Hale Fialkov with pencils by Manuel Garcia and inks by Bit. Marta Martinez handles colors with Nate Piekos of BLAMBOT handling lettering. Skyman is now on the run, so when he crosses paths with Captain Midnight do the two men become friend or foe?

Eric Reid became the Skyman because his superiors thought he was easily manipulated and wouldn’t prove much of a problem because of his injury in Afghanistan. When Eric found out that he was just a puppet and that the Skyman program was being used for some less than moral things, he takes the suit and goes rogue. As Eric hightails it out of dodge, he runs into Captain Midnight. The last time the Captain met a Skyman, things didn’t go so well and a building was blown up. Both men are a little leery of the other, but there are some bigger problems on the horizon. Do Skyman and Captain Midnight work together, or do these two titans of the air clash at 10,000 feet?

Fialkov writes a strong and action-packed issue. Skyman and Captain Midnight meet early on and we get their exchange in the air. Things are different this time around as far as the person in the Skyman suit is concerned, so the Captain is a little more receptive. With Eric being an Afghanistan vet and Captain Midnight serving in WWII, there’s a mutual respect between the men. With this being limited to four issues, things happen at a breakneck speed. Fialkov has to pack a lot into four issues. He’s doing an admirable job, but an extra issue or so would have been helpful. Garcia’s pencils and Bit’s inks seem to be a little more detailed and free with the action. This is a high flying adventure, and the art really delivers on the action and thrills. There’s also a lot of emotion with the scenes between Eric and the Captain as they talk about the ever-changing world. Martinez colors are great. They really run the gamut from dusky skies, dark interiors, and bright sunny days.

Bottom Line: Skyman soars to new heights this month. The crossover we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived, and it works really well. This is an enjoyable series but it could use another issue or two. The pacing is fast, so there isn’t a lot of time to dwell on some of the softer moments that could have made for some great scenes. 3.5/5

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