Review: Skyman #2

Review of: Skyman #2
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Joshua Hale Fialkov
Dark Horse

Skyman #2

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On February 19, 2014
Last modified:February 19, 2014


Skyman is a really enjoyable series that explores some really weighty issues, but things feel really accelerated to accommodate the time allotted.

Still trying to overcome his fear of flying after a plane crash that nearly killed him, Sgt. Eric Reid doesn’t have time for PTSD as the new Skyman! The superhero’s life isn’t made any easier by the confrontations with his handler and the shocking number of bugs plaguing his suit. And matters are made even worse as he discovers someone’s trying to sabotage the suit and smear his good name!

The second installment of the four-part Skyman series rolls on this week from Dark Horse. The story is written by Joshua Hale Fialkov with pencils by Manuel Garcia. Bit handles inks, Marta Martinez provides colors, and Nate Piekos of BLAMBOT tackles lettering. The first issue soar to great heights, but how does the next issue hold up?

Eric Reid found himself the prime candidate for the Skyman program because he was easy to manipulate and he was the right color. After the other Skyman went on a racist tirade that was spread across the internet, a PR overhaul of the program had to be done. Reid wasn’t the best man for the job, but he was the man they needed. Now on the 63rd day of the Skyman goodwill tour, Eric finds himself in Cairo, Egypt taking part in a demonstration of his new abilities. Once he hangs up the suit for the day, he finds out that things are a lot more complicated than they seem and the program might not be as above board as it’s supposed to be now. What happens when the conspiracy runs deep and Eric finds out he’s merely a pawn? What will the man everyone thought was a weak cripple do when he finds out the truth?

Fialkov writes a really deep and morally complex issue that builds upon the great foundation that was laid out in the debut. Since this is limited to a four-issue run though, it does feel a little rushed. Eric has good reason to be distrustful and do what he does at the end but it feels like it happens rather fast. This really feels like a two-part introduction and now the real meat of the story is ready to be consumed. Garcia’s pencils and Bit’s inks are great overall. Some of the close-up shots seem like the anatomy is a little off due to the smoothness of the art leaving out a few details, but the background and action sequences are top notch. The story opens with a big aerial battle that’s really thrilling and shows off a few more of Skyman’s tricks and abilities. Martinez’s colors keep things really grounded and realistic. There are a lot of blues considering Skyman is decked out in a blue uniform and takes to the skies, but Martinez lights things really well and adds a depth to the page.

Bottom Line: Skyman is a really enjoyable series that explores some really weighty issues, but things feel really accelerated to accommodate the time allotted. Fialkov really has a great handle on the character, so there’s more than enough reason to come back for more. 3.5/5

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