Review: Sheltered #2

Review of: Sheltered #2
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Ed Brisson

Sheltered #2

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On August 7, 2013
Last modified:August 7, 2013


Sheltered is a series you absolutely need to check out.

With their parents’ blood on their hands, the youth of Safe Haven begin to splinter as doubt is cast on Lucas’s leadership. New arrival Victoria finds that escaping from a compound built to keep others out is near-impossible.

The second issue of Image’s surprise hit, Sheltered, drops today. The story of doomsday preppers whose own children turn on them and kill them features a story by Ed Brisson and Johnnie Christmas. Christmas illustrates the story with colors by Shari Chankhamma. So does the second issue keep things rolling or did Shelter just have a really good start?

Last issue we learned a little bit about Safe Haven, the community of people who had split off from society to prepare themselves for what they believed was an imminent disaster that would collapse civilization as we know it. They’ve been stockpiling all of the essentials, but all their preparations still aren’t quite enough. The children of Safe Haven, led by Lucas, turn on their parents and kill all of the adults. Victoria, the newcomer to the community, and her friend Hailey were out hiking when the coup went down. This issue opens with the two girls hearing the shots and rushing back to the community. Victoria sees her dead father being carried out by two boys. She and Hailey are immediately suspicious, so they sneak around to try and check things out. When they get to Hailey’s place, they start to piece what is happening together. Cold as ice leader of the children of the corn… I mean community, Lucas, is making sure everything is going as planned. Victoria was already an outsider, but what happens when she starts asking questions about the coup? The children wanted the community to themselves, but are they even safe in their planned utopia?

Brisson and Christmas present another stellar issue. We still have no idea why Lucas and the other kids turned on their parents. We see hints and start to form our own guesses, but it’s still a mystery. This issue shows how cold blooded Lucas is and how he might have some ulterior motives. Some new things are laid out, but we’re still hanging on to see what happens in this dramatic, pre-apocalyptic thriller. Christmas’ art and Chankhamma’s colors are just as great as the story. Things are oddly beautiful and bright for such a dark story, but that’s one of the great things about the story. The art is clean and emotional (emotionless in Lucas’ case) which really clashes with the events of the narrative. It works brilliantly.

Bottom Line: Sheltered is a series you absolutely need to check out. It’s a great dramatic thrill ride that leaves us hungry for the next issue. Brisson and Christmas dish just enough out to get you hooked. 4/5

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