Review: The Shadow: Year One #7

Review of: The Shadow: Year One #7
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Matt Wagner

The Shadow: Year One #7

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On January 29, 2014
Last modified:January 28, 2014


It’s hard for a comic to pick up momentum after being delayed for any reason, but The Shadow really kicks things up a notch and starts to make up for its tardiness.

Margo’s solo attempt to locate Big Gun Massaretti lands her in the hands of her crazed ex-lover. Danger looms high above the streets of old New York as The Shadow attempts his most daring rescue ever! Meanwhile, an intrepid reporter inches ever closer to uncovering The Shadow’s guarded secrets…

It was Halloween when we last saw The Shadow’s earliest years as an avenging angel in the pages of The Shadow: Year One, but the man in the fedora is finally back to punish the evil in men’s hearts this week with the seventh issue of the 10-part event. The story is written by Matt Wagner with art by Wilfredo Torres. Brennan Wagner handles colors with Simon Bowland rounding things out with lettering. So is the seventh issue worth the wait?

When we last read the adventures of The Shadow and Margo Lane, Margo had set off on her own to track down Big Gun Massaretti. She was successful in her ventures, but Massaretti had the upper hand. Now the crime lord, his minions, and the lovely Margo are on top of a skyscraper under construction with the goal of getting rid of Ms. Lane. The Shadow has to mount a daring rescue if he wants to save his new friend and potential love interest yet again. Meanwhile the nosy reporter that has been searching for Lamont Cranston’s secrets is getting closer and closer to the answers he so desperately seeks. Can The Shadow save Margo one more time? What secrets are The Shadow hiding, not only about himself, but the evil he is trying to vanquish?

Wagner writes a great story. This is a rip-roaring rescue story for a good chunk of the issue, followed by a lot of answers and character exploration. We find out more about The Shadow’s origins as well as the reasons he’s trying to stop the villainous Dr. Zorn. It’s a very meaty issue that starts to lay things out clearly while still giving us double-barreled action. It undoubtedly suffers from a long delay between issues, but the story is thrilling enough to make up for the wait. Torres’ art is top notch. The art has been consistently good, but you can tell that Torres has become more comfortable with the cast of characters, especially The Shadow. There is a lot of breathtaking imagery of The Shadow striking a pose as he takes down evildoers. The character work for the supporting cast is rock solid and really expressive. The flashback sequences are particular standouts for the issue as a whole. Things look vibrant and pulpy thanks to the younger Wagner’s colors. The sound effects become characters on the page thanks to some great color choices.

Bottom Line: It’s hard for a comic to pick up momentum after being delayed for any reason, but The Shadow really kicks things up a notch and starts to make up for its tardiness. The Shadow: Year One #7 knocks it out of the park. 4/5

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