Review: The Shadow #19

Review of: The Shadow #19
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Chris Roberson

The Shadow #19

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On November 20, 2013
Last modified:November 20, 2013


This is a good hopping on point for new readers and it looks like Roberson is setting up something very big.

A voice from the past raises questions that the Shadow cannot answer, and leads him away from the concrete canyons of New York City on a journey that will carry him halfway round the world, from the snowy wastes of Siberia to the steaming jungles of Guatemala. What is the secret of the girasol?

A new arc kicks off this week for The Shadow. After narrowly escaping his final battle with The Light, The Shadow is off on a brand new case that will start to raise some interesting questions about his past. The story is written by Chris Roberson and features art from Andrea Mutti. Fabricio Guerra handles colors with Rob Steen providing lettering. How does The Shadow’s latest adventure measure up?

This issue is largely a Margo Lane story. Our hero’s gal pal narrates the happenings as she, The Shadow, and his network of spies look into the mass kidnappings of some of the city’s more well off ladies. The Shadow relentlessly peruses the case and uses every available resource to find the girls and hopefully bring them home safe. What our hero finds greatly troubles him and causes him to set off on a quest to faraway lands. What’s in the box? What could possibly worry The Shadow?

Roberson writes a fine issues to kick off the new arc. It reads very much like a Margo-centric one-shot for the majority of the issue. It introduces us to a lot of the characters, lets us know what Margo thinks of her lifestyle, and shows us how her life has changed since her younger days. This is a great jumping on point for new readers. The pivotal story points don’t really kick in until the final few pages. It seems like an average mission for The Shadow. Mutti’s art is consistent. He draws some very detailed settings and offers up a very imposing Shadow. There is one real action scene and it does look a little rigid, but it gets the job done. Guerra’s colors seem a little too digital, making the characters and clothing look too smooth. Things look like they are one connected piece is several panels. It looks like The Shadow may be wearing a rubber coat in the majority of scenes.

Bottom Line: This is a good hopping on point for new readers and it looks like Roberson is setting up something very big. Until the final pages this reads largely like a one-shot. The art and coloring mix for a shaky result, but this is another enjoyable issue. 3/5

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