Review: Scarlet Spider #16

Review of: Scarlet Spider #16
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Chris Yost, Khoi Pham

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On April 25, 2013
Last modified:April 25, 2013


Yost and Pham deliver one of the best issues of the series, with one very funny issue

Scarlet_Spider_Vol_2_16_TextlessScarlet Spider has been the Spider-title that no one seems to be paying attention towards.  It’s been a solid book from issue #1, and #16 shows off why fans of this book are so vocal about it.

Chris Yost has never shied away from taking a break from the seriousness to give us plenty of funny.  Scarlet Spider #16 is one funny issue.  The humor is written well, and it’s based off the great characters that Kaine has surrounded himself with. The relationship between Kaine and Annabelle hasn’t been the focus for some time, to the point I almost forgot about it.  But being thrust into a crossover (Minimum Carnage) will do that to a title.  I’m sure Yost planned on the getting together by this point, but it feels a little rushed.  Not to say I’m glad they aren’t together, as they will be an interesting couple to read.  For a while there, it seemed as if Yost was going to have Kaine and Aracely get together.  Thankfully that isn’t happening

One reason that #16 is one of the best issues of the series is how Yost builds on everything that has come before.  It’s firmly planted in Houston, and focuses on the C-list characters that Yost has created in this title.  It pays off for long time readers, and makes the humor land.  Aracely is the spark for most of the humor, as her mind reading powers let her comment on most of the things going on around here.  And she still doesn’t have a filter.  Kaine’s tough guy act throughout the book is also the butt of a lot of humor, but it never feels out of character.  Kaine is slowly softening up to his new family, but him going back to issue #1 tough guy mode doesn’t feel out of place.  He’s had a rough time of late with things.  It seems that he’s going to have just as hard a time coming up.

Khoi Pham has been a great artist on Scarlet Spider.  #16 is one of his weaker issues though, as it seems rushed.  But the characters are still expressive, and his pencils help sell the humor.  There are a few jokes in the background, which gave me some hard laughs.  Look at Annabelle’s entrance to see a great example of this.  Once the group makes it to the rodeo, the crowds had to be the last thing that Pham penciled.  If you look at certain panels, it looks like Pham started to pencil the crowd, then the crowd wad digitally added over it to save time.  The inking by Pallot & Olazaba is thinner than normally.  When Pham’s pencils have thick inks, they just look better.

Scarlet Spider #16 gets 4/5.

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