Review: Samurai Jack #5

Review of: Samurai Jack #5
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Jim Zub

Samurai Jack #5

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On February 26, 2014
Last modified:February 26, 2014


Samurai Jack brings things full circle and tells a really fitting story for the fan-favorite character.

Martial artists, warriors, nobles, monsters and more… Samurai Jack has defeated them all in his quest to gather the Threads of Time. Now, one last strand remains in the lair of Aku the demon wizard. Can Jack defeat his greatest foe and return back to the past?

The final installment of the first Samurai Jack story from IDW hits this week with the release of issue #5. The story is written by Jim Zub and features art by Andy Suriano. Josh Burcham handles colors with Shawn Lee providing lettering. Jack has been searching for the threads of time to stop Aku. The final thread is in his sights, so how does the final leg of his journey fare?

Jack has continued on in his quest for the threads of time, thanks to a little direction from the threads themselves, and now there’s only one piece left before the Rope of Eons can be made whole. The problem is that the final strand is in one of Aku’s factory where all manner of pro-Aku merchandise is made. Jack has to infiltrate the factory and sneak into the demon wizard’s lair. Can our Samurai hero pull it off? Will he finally be able to return to his own time and put an end to Aku’s reign of terror once and for all?

Zub writes a fast-paced finale. Jack has done a little adventuring we haven’t seen, but now he’s on the final mission. Our hero does have the long awaited showdown with Aku, though it unfolds rather quickly. Like a lot of the cartoon episodes themselves, it feels like we just go around in a circle when we get to the final scene. Jack went on a quest that could well change his outlook from here on out, but it doesn’t feel like it has a weighty impact. Jack tries and tries again, one day hoping he’ll be successful. Zub keeps in line with the series so you can’t knock him for that aspect. Suriano’s art has been a great fit for these five issues. He does an excellent job of capturing the vibe of the cartoon while taking things a step or two farther into weird and fantastical. He has a very stylistic approach to storytelling, panel layouts, and the fight choreography. It’s the kick that Jack needed for his new comic. Burcham’s colors get a chance to shine with the introduction of Aku and his heavy use of reds as well as the glowing and ethereal strands of time.

Bottom Line: Samurai Jack brings things full circle and tells a really fitting story for the fan-favorite character. Jack’s story continues and Zub has set things up well for the future. 3/5

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