Review: Saga #7


Saga #7

An intriguing issue of family feud that’ll take you in and leave you wanting more.

It tends to be a favorite memory of many when it comes to reminiscing about your parents. Whether you’re at the park for a picnic or playing games, it’s a lovely thing to be a part of. For Marko, things were a little different for him. His folks took him to the Battlefield that was happening on Wreath where he can see the war for himself. It’s not an easy site to behold, but his parents had a message they were teaching him. Never forget, they said. Never forget the evil wings they said.

Since its start, we’ve been learning more about Alana and Marko by way of Hazel. We’re guided into Marko’s background which leads us to his parents. Yes, you already know where this is going.  By Alana being a “Wing”, his parents are taken aback by her being Marko’s wife and having a child. Izabel is banished by his mom as she thought she held them captive. Marko goes off to get her and Mother follows, while Alana is stuck with her dad, still dressed in a towel.

The family dynamic in this series is the biggest strength as it feels authentic. It’s very relatable, whether you’re a married winged person or one with horns who has enough love to give to elsewhere. Survival is was their biggest test, but with Fiona meeting her in-laws, it may be the biggest for our duo yet.

Brian K. Vaughn masterfully narrates the story and it’ll be hard not to be hooked. Literally, at the last page, I was like “That’s it!?” I wanted more! The secret of Marko’s father and the conversation between Marko and his mother were really interesting and revealed how broken they may seem, but also how strong they were to overcome it.

The art and coloring done by Fiona Staples is disgustingly awesome (one part in particular cannot be unseen, believe me) and very detailed.  I love the expressions of the characters and I found myself repeatedly feeling for the characters, especially Freelancer watching old videos of him and The Stalk. Her coloring and tones are equally impressive and I can never find an issue about her art entirely.

This is definitely a space epic that everyone should be reading and there are more twists and turns to come after what’s been shown so far in this issue. Saga #7 is being sold in your local comic shop now, if it hasn’t been sold out already.

5 out of 5


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