Review: Saga #4

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Welcome to Sextillion!

This series is for mature audiences only. Minor spoilers ahead.


Other than his primary objective, The Will has one thing on his mind: pleasure. The Will makes a stop at the planet Sextillion and goes inside the planet that “has everything”. The Will wanders to see that nothing is really catching his eye and is approached by a host who senses his disappointment. He takes The Will into another room saying he needs a slave girl to satisfy his needs. Marko finally awakes and sees Izabel for the first time, shouting. Alana rushes over to him and they embrace. He asks how they ended up where they were, with Alana sternly saying she’d explain everything after he tells her about Gwendolyn.

The saga continues (I know, I know) in this Sci-fi epic from Brian K. Vaughn. In this issue, while we learn more of Marko’s past, we see more of The Will’s character, which is told in a powerful moment and is the best thing out of the book for me. I enjoy the mysterious approach of The Will since his introduction, as we know a few bits about him (sharing morals with Marko, being a Freelancer, his partner Lying Cat). His defining moment is seeing the slave he was being led to and showed another side of him within a few panels. It was a heart wrenching moment of The Will, where his morals were first before his needs. The love and chemistry is between Marko and Alana is believable and easily makes them one of the best written couples in a series. Where it’s a good reason for Alana to be pissed, it also gave way for Marko to explain himself and continue to confess his love for her. Brian continues to show how grounded and real they are and makes them engaging characteristically.

The art is top notch from Fiona Staples and it does not disappoint. Sextillion is a strange, erotic planet that she captures and fills with diverse and creative imaging. Her imagination has no boundaries, as The Will walks on and observing the many acts of fulfillment. Often regarded is her depiction of facial expressions that adds on the genuine feeling of the characters emotions.

I highly recommend you to read the series and follow Marko, Alana and Hazel on their journey to a better life.




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