Review: Rogue Trooper #3

Review of: Rogue Trooper #3
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Brian Ruckley

Rogue Trooper #3

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On April 23, 2014
Last modified:April 23, 2014


Rogue Trooper continues to be a hard-hitting, sci-fi war thriller that explores a lone soldier fighting against some incredible odds.

As the battle for Strongpoint Charlie goes into overdrive, Rogue Trooper is up against enemies who aren’t even on the same battlefield as him. And something even worse is closing in fast, because his creators want him back: Dead or alive!

Rogue Trooper is back in action this month with the third issue of his new series from IDW. The story is written by Brian Ruckley with art by Alberto Ponticelli. Stephen Downer handles colors with Tom B. Long tackling lettering. Rogue Trooper has been a good sci-fi/war story, but is the third time still just as charming?

The Rogue trooper has found himself tied up with the ragtag group that comprises Strongpoint Charlie. The mysterious voice in the sky, Angel, that has been feeding Rogue some information has informed him that a Souther military police force are closing in on the location. Instead of turning tale, saving himself, and leaving Strongpoint Charlie to their own defenses, Rogue has decided to stay and help with what little resources he has left. Meanwhile, way up high in orbit, machinations are in place and Rogue’s fate is being decided. Colonel Chang wants him brought in alive for questioning, but everyone else is a little more adamant that big blue doesn’t make it off the planet alive. Can Rogue take on the elite military police squad? If he’s brought in, will he be dead or alive?

Ruckely writes a fast-paced, action-packed, and strong issue. We learn a little more about the mysterious planet the story takes place on. It’s brief, but the few lines of narration and the images tell a much larger story. We also see a little more of Rogue’s enhance abilities. He’s able to take quite a beating this issue, but he’s also able of dishing out some of his own. Ponticelli’s art gets a little more sci-fi with the crackshot group after Rogue taking on a larger role this time around. They have some very nice looking spacesuits with the high-domed masks. It makes for some sinister imaging, especially since the suits are largely black. Ponticellis has a good eye for action, and makes some sequences featuring explosions that would make Michael Bay jealous. Downer’s colors are a great compliment to the art. The explosions are bright, and the big blue Rogue trooper stands out in the barren and dark landscape.

Bottom Line: Rogue Trooper continues to be a hard-hitting, sci-fi war thriller that explores a lone soldier fighting against some incredible odds. Ruckely has set up an interesting story that looks to have a few twists and turns coming up. Rogue Trooper is a summer action blockbuster/popcorn flick in comic book form. 3.5/5

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