Review: Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #3

Review of: The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #3
Product by:
Roger Langridge and J. Bone

Reviewed by:
On April 10, 2013
Last modified:April 10, 2013


Hollywood Horror may be the Rocketeer’s most fun adventure yet.

His rocket-pack gone, his girl not speaking to him, and all of Hollywood about to fall into the clutches of the sinister Otto Rune…what’s young Cliff Secord to do? And what’s that dangerous-looking thing Peevy’s been building, anyway? It’s back to Square One for the Rocketeer… as he has to learn to fly all over again!

The Rocketeer continues his new adventure this week with the release of The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #3. The story is written by Roger Langridge with art from J Bone. Jordie Bellaire provides colors with Tom B. Long handling lettering. So is Hollywood Horror still going strong, or has it crashed harder than Cliff with a malfunctioning rocket-pack?

When we last sarocketeer coverw Cliff Secord, he had gotten his jetpack stolen by a couple of thugs. He finds his way back to the airplane hangar and Peevy, but he’s down in the dumps. Can Cliff Secord be a hero without his pack? Peevy has a few tricks up his sleeves to help Cliff, that is if it doesn’t end up killing Cliff in the process. The issue has the same balance between Cliff and Betty’s story as the previous issues have. Betty is learning all about the villainous Dr. Rune’s plans and what he’s trying to do to the people of Hollywood. She learns that everything is going down at his invitation only show for the stars and starlets of Hollywood about his Church of Cosmicism. Betty stops off to talk with her two new detective pals to exchange info. She thinks she can get some info about her missing roommate Dahlia from the Professor, but Rune may have the Professor under his complete control. As Betty finds herself in the deep of it, Cliff is on his way to save her. Before he can find a way into the big gala, he stops off for a drink. We get the big reveal on who the narrator is. It is a doozy! With our narrator giving Cliff a pep talk, he’s off to try and save the day. Can he get there in time?

Langridge writes the most fun issue yet. We get a lot of movement with the story, but this issue is chocked full of cameos from the silver screen’s greatest actors and actresses. There are more jokes than you can shake a stick at, and the reveal of our narrator was a very cool moment. J Bone’s art for this series has been fantastic. I love his cartoon-y characters and how he plays out the story’s action. Bellaire’s colors help make the series shine as much as it does.

Bottom Line: Hollywood Horror may be the Rocketeer’s most fun adventure yet. The story is more than just a goofy, laugh-a-minute romp, but “fun” is the only way to describe this series. Langridge and J Bone have made a great Rocketeer adventure 5/5

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