Review: Red Team #3

Review of: Red Team #3
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Garth Ennis

Red Team #3

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On June 5, 2013
Last modified:June 5, 2013


Red Team continues to be a great crime drama told in the comic book format.

At Eddie’s insistence, the Red Team expands its area of operations to cover a certain unexpected target, but they may have made a fatal misstep. Meanwhile, another of Eddie’s initiatives causes Trudy no small amount of trouble. Everyone’s limits are tested as our heroes move further down their dangerous path!

Dynamite’s crime line of comics keeps rolling on this week with the release of Red Team #3. The cop turned killers book is written by Garth Ennis with art by Craig Cermak. Adriano Lucas provides colors with Rob Steen tackling lettering. So far Red Team has been a great crime series about cops working outside the law. Does issue 3 keep the streak going or do we start to see some cracks?

The story opens again with Detective Eddie Mellinger being questioned about the decision that turned him and his team into cold blooded killers. Eddie runs down a few of the kills that the team took on since last issue, but the story focuses on one particular hit that takes Eddie, Trudy, Duke and George in a new direction. Eddie proposes they kill a Priest. The Priest is a bad guy. He’s had numerous cases of indecencies with children, but all that happens is he gets transferred to a new parish. Eddie finally gets his turn to pull off the kill, and it seems like he picked this case for personal reasons. The team isn’t completely sold on the hit, but they set out to make a difference and it all can’t be gangbangers and drug dealers. After the hit we see a lot more of Eddie’s problems at home with his wife. With his marriage on the rocks, he turns to the local bar and the company of Trudy. Is Eddie starting to crack under the pressure? Will Trudy cross the line with her partner?

Ennis writes another strong script. The hit is handled pretty quickly. This issue is more about the team and trying to find out where their line is. We’re seeing just how dedicated to the cause they are and what they’re really willing to do. We get a lot more character development with Eddie and Trudy. We’re starting to see the cracks that will ultimately lead to them being caught. I mean Eddie is being interrogated, you know it’s going to happen. One of the things I’ve seen other reviews knock the book for is its wordiness. It actually works for this crime book format. It’s an incredibly intriguing crime drama being told alongside some great art. Not everything has to be all action all the time, this is different but it’s the good kind of different. Cermak’s art is brilliant as always. He has had to do a lot of heavy lifting since it’s a very talky book, but he along with Lucas’ colors make everything interesting.

Bottom Line: Red Team continues to be a great crime drama told in the comic book format. This issue feels like a little bit of a downbeat compared to the first two issues, but we get a lot more character development. Things are slowed down slightly, but you can tell this is the turning point for what’s to come. 3.5/5

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