Review: Red Sonja #9

Review of: Red Sonja #9
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Gail Simone

Red Sonja #9

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On May 7, 2014
Last modified:May 6, 2014


Red Sonja continues to be a can’t miss series.

The She-Devil continues her quest to find and capture the greatest artisans of the Hyborian Age, with hundreds of lives in the balance. In this saucy issue, she is on the trail of the land’s greatest (and most dangerous) courtesan, in a world she has never before experienced! The epic run by Gail Simone and Walter Geovani continues!

Red Sonja continues her quest to track down the world’s greatest artisans this month in the 9th issue of her series from writer Gail Simone and artist Walter Geovani. Adriano Lucas handles colors with Simon Bowland tackling lettering. How does this leg of Sonja’s journey measure up?

Sonja has rounded up a few of the artisans on the great king’s list for his giant party, but the next name may prove to be more challenging than the others. Sonja’s next artisan is a courtesan who lives in a grandiose world that astounds even the rough and gruff Red Sonja. When this world of high end courtesans has Sonja questioning how her life could have ended up if her people weren’t slaughtered, Sonja isn’t quite sure what her true place in the world is. While there’s an epic fight to get the courtesan out of the city, the two women end up learning something that surprises them both. Can Sonja get the courtesan out of the city? Will she be able to mark another name off of her list as she tries to win the king’s slaves’ freedom?

Simone brings a little more emotion, heart, and moral to her Red Sonja story. The writer’s run has been great, but this issue offers up a look at a different side of Sonja and has her really questioning who she is and what she could have been. There is plenty of action, blood, and laughs to be had, but this is a story with a little more weight than some of the others. It’s a perfect balance of everything that makes a good Sonja story. Geovani’s art is fantastic as always. The artist gets a little more detailed with the world when the curtain to the palace of pleasure is pulled back. The costumes and settings are incredible ornate and intricate. The action is brilliantly choreographed and laid out on the page as well. Geovani and Simone are a great team, and you can see Geovani getting more and more comfortable with the crazy things Simone throws at him each and every month. Lucas’ colors are bright and vibrant, complimenting Geovani’s artwork incredibly well.

Bottom Line: Red Sonja continues to be a can’t miss series. This new journey the She-Devil is on allows the creative team to do something new and wild each month, and so far it’s paying off very well. 4.5/5

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