Review: Red Sonja #8

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Review of: Red Sonja #8
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Gail Simone

Red Sonja #8

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On April 2, 2014
Last modified:April 2, 2014


Red Sonja seems more determined than ever to follow her mission to a “T,” and Simone and Geovani are having some fun in the process.

The unstoppable warrior is honor-bound to continue on in a king’s bizarre quest to find and capture the greatest artisans of the world, whether they want to be found or not! In this unforgettable story, Sonja seeks the finest animal trainer in the world…except he’s trained them all for WAR, with only Sonja to stop them!

Red Sonja’s quest for the world’s greatest artisans continues this month in the pages of Red Sonja #8. The story is written by Gail Simone with art by Walter Geovani. Adiano Lucas handles colors with Simon Bowland providing lettering. Sonja has already acquired the cook, but how will her adventure fare when she needs to find a beast master?

Sonja and her cook companion are traveling to find the next artisan on their list. An odd king has ordered that Sonja find the world’s greatest artisans and bring them to him for a big party before he dies. If Sonja succeeds, then every slave the mighty king owns will be freed. If Sonja fails, they will be killed. The cook and Sonja make their way into town to find the great animal trainer, who just happens to have a bit of a past with our heroine. When this master of animals proves to be a cruel man who loves nothing more than harming the animals he’s meant to kill for, Sonja is a bit conflicted over what to do. Does she go ahead with her mission or does she make the cruel Kalayah the Magnificent taste cold, hard steel?

Simone writes a fast-paced and solid issue. Sonja has a mission, she gets to work on it. There are a few twist and turns along the way with the rather nasty Kalayah character, but Sonja is very determined to do what she has to do. Simone serves up equal parts humor, action, plot, and emotion. Some of the jokes are a little more low-brow and the story plays out in an ever so slightly predictable manner, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless. Geovani’s art is great as always. The characters and scenes are beautifully rendered, and the savagery involving the beasts is truly unsettling. Geovani and Simone have been a great team for this series, and it’s always a thrill to see what they do each month. Lucas’ colors are bright and vibrant, none more so than with Kalayah’s costume. The final few scenes with a plethora of animals and other creatures really shows off both Geovani and Lucas’ skills.

Bottom Line: Red Sonja seems more determined than ever to follow her mission to a “T,” and Simone and Geovani are having some fun in the process. Things are rolling along in a nice format, but it feels like it could use a little more spice here and there. 3/5


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