Review: Red Sonja #7

Review of: Red Sonja #7
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Gail Simone

Red Sonja #7

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On February 19, 2014
Last modified:February 19, 2014


Simone has really done wonders with Red Sonja, and this new arc seems to be no exception.

Part 1 of a new story arc! Fresh from her ordeals in the Queen of the Plague epic, Sonja is charged with the task of playing bodyguard to Hyborea’s greatest chef, even though seemingly everyone wants him dead! Join us for this unique issue of recipes, culinary technique, and decapitation!

A new arc in the latest Red Sonja series starts up this week in issue #7. The story is written by Gail Simone with art by Walter Geovani. Adriano Lucas handles colors with Simon Bowland providing lettering. The first arc was a knock-down-drag out sword and sorcery thriller, but how are things looking for the next adventure for the She-Devil with a sword?

Sonja is out in the bog lands. She’s wet, dirty, hungry, and wouldn’t care for a barrel or two of good wine or ale. Our heroine has been given a task by a pharaoh who is looking to throw one gigantic party before he dies. He wants the world’s six greatest artisans to share their skills and talents at the party. He knows Sonja is the most capable tracker, so he offers her a reward she absolutely cannot turn down. She decides to start by looking for the chef. He’s in with some rather despicable, and possibly cannibalistic, bogmen. She springs a trap to find that which she searches for, but the trap may actually backfire. What happens when a group of wild, cannibal bogmen stands in Sonja’s way? What sort of deadly, shadowy creatures lurk in the bog lands?

Simone writes a quick and enjoyable introduction. Sonja has a task, she starts trying to complete it, and there are a few twists and turns before she reaches what she’s looking for. It’s a fun and humorous story, thought it largely plays up the same two jokes multiple times. Sometimes the repetition works, other times it falls rather flat. The bog people are a madcap group the likes on Simone could pull off without it being completely absurd.  Geovani’s art continues to grow and improve. He’s been doing wonders since issue #1, but you can really tell he’s more comfortable with the character and the world Simone has been building. The artist has a great eye for action, and his character and creature designs are truly amazing. Geovani’s dynamic panel layout helps elevate the action and drama too. Lucas’ colors really run the gauntlet. There are dark, damp boglands lit only by torches, followed by bright and sunny flashback sequences, then some explosive action scenes. It really pops off the page, but it feels really grounded all things considered.

Bottom Line: Simone has really done wonders with Red Sonja, and this new arc seems to be no exception. This is a quick introduction for what’s coming up, but some of the humor feels a little repetitive in places. The premise of the new story is great, so I can’t wait to see the next leg of Sonja’s journey. 3.5/5

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