Review: Red Sonja #10

Review of: Red Sonja #10
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Gail Simone

Red Sonja #10

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On June 18, 2014
Last modified:June 17, 2014


Simone has really ushered in a Red Sonja renaissance and it seems like this series will continue to reach new heights.

To save the lives of hundreds of people she’s never even met, the She-Devil is forced to face the world’s deadliest swordsman, the only man whose skill with a blade threatens to dwarf Red Sonja’s own! The acclaimed run by writer Gail Simone and artist Walter Geovani kicks into even higher gear in this epic duel of blood and steel!

Sonja’s search for the world’s greatest artisans continues this month in the pages of Red Sonja #10. The story is written by Gail Simone with art by Walter Geovani. Adriano Lucas handles colors with Simon Bowland tackling lettering. Sonja’s saga has been an entertaining trip to some wild and wonderful places so far, but how does this leg of her journey fare?

Sonja has gathered artisans who excel in the areas of cooking, animal training…and let’s say companionship, but her latest acquisition is proving to be the most difficult. Sonja is trying to convince the world’s greatest and most deadly swordsman to join her company and hold the dying king to his promise to release a thousand slaves if all six artisans are gathered for his farewell party. The swordsman is like most other warriors, he cares little for Sonja’s reasoning and is more concerned with honor. He will only agree to accept her invitation if she can best him in battle. The only problem is Sonja isn’t quite her old fighting self for some reason. After being bested and muddied time and again, Sonja has to figure out what’s wrong with her quickly. Can Sonja prove she is truly the deadliest swordsperson in all the land? Will she be able to best the slick Osric the Untouched after being played for a fool?

Simone writes another great issue. This section of the adventure is jam-packed with equal parts sword play and great character moments that really get to the core of Sonja. Simone has made Sonja much more than a down and dirty fighter throughout her run, and this issue along with last month’ story, serves as a great primer for how nuanced and deep a character Sonja can be. She’s still the She-Devil with a sword, but she’s an actual human being as well. Geovani’s art is fantastic as always. The artist brings something new to each and every issue, and this one is no different. With some camera tricks playing with perspective and a different panel layout, Geovani brings an increased sense of motion and dynamism to the big sword fight. Lucas’ colors are a perfect complement to Geovani’s art. From the changing scenery, fight scenes, and even a flashback, Lucas really gets a chance to do everything from bright and vivid action background colors to gritty and muddy characters brooding in a dark tavern.

Bottom Line: Red Sonja finds a way to thrill and surprise month in and month out. Simone has really ushered in a Red Sonja renaissance and it seems like this series will continue to reach new heights. 4.5/5

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