Review: Rebel Blood #3


It’s dog-eat-dog out there. And dog-eat-man. A mysterious infection has turned the whole world into a free-for-all feeding frenzy overnight and the forest is alive with infected animals and people out for your blood. They’re after you and they’re hungry! If only they weren’t walking. If only they weren’t dead!

Baby zombie! Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about Rebel Blood #3. It came out on Wednesday, so this review will talk openly about all the happenings in the third act of Riley Rossmo’s four part zombie series. The story picks up right where the second one ends. Chuck Neville wakes up from his car crash to find himself next to an infected woman and the baby zombie he doesn’t know about just yet.

This issue really ups the action and pace of the previous two. Both stories were good, but this issue is one non-stop action scene after another. With a tow truck driver getting football tackled by a zombie buck and then having to face the zombie baby are just the first four pages. Rossmo really knocks this issue out of the park. Chuck is fighting his way to the forestry station to check on Red, who we’ve only heard through Chuck’s radio conversations. I wonder if Red is related to the movie Old School’s Blue, because both quickly become dust in the wind. You’re my boy Red! Rossmo does the art and covers as well as writes the story with Alex Link. Rossmo doesn’t shy away from the blood and gore of a zombie attack. If you’ve been reading this series, you know it’s not for the fainthearted. You see the result of the zombie attack on Red in all its bloody gore.

Chuck has been wondering about his family for the entirety of the three books, he makes stops at other people’s places to check in. The whole time he is dodging his family and his past, especially his job. You can see Chuck losing it with each gory scene he sees, with each kill animal or human he makes. It is all leading up to going to his wife’s house and seeing if she and his son are still alive or if they are zombie chow. It’s all culminating in the final issue. Rossmo will have a lot of story to cover, and I’m very excited to see how this ends.

Bottom Line: What’s surprising about this story overall is that it’s not the people zombies you have the most to worry about, it’s the animals. The animal zombies are a fresh breath for the zombie genre. All of the mutated, deformed looks on the animals face really up the scare factor and make you nervous whether Chuck will make it out. If you like zombies you will really dig this book. You know what you’re getting in to and you know it’s going to be kind of grisly. Because this issue was non-stop action while still furthering the story, as well as the fact it had a zombie baby, I give Rebel Blood #3 a higher score than the previous two with a perfect 5/5.

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