Review: Powerpuff Girls #8

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Review of: Powerpuff Girls #8
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Derek Charm

Powerpuff Girls #8

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On April 9, 2014
Last modified:April 9, 2014


The Monster Isle story is a fun and fast-paced adventure that gives us a new twist on the Powerpuff Girls.

MONSTER DAY continues as King Steve and the residents of Monster Isle tear through Townsville. This looks like a job for the Powerpuff Girls! So where the heck are they?!

The Powerpuff girls try to regroup this month in the eighth issue of their new series from IDW. The story is written and drawn by Derek Charm with Neil Uyetake handling lettering. When Monster Isle attacked, the girls were all but defeated. They’re a little down, but are they truly out?

The inhabitants of Monster Isle, led by their new king Steve, have taken over Townsville for the first annual Monster Day. The girls fought valiantly for several hours, but the assembled might of the monsters was just too much for them to handle. They went home in shame and allowed the monsters to run wild. Knowing they need some sort of big finale, the monsters decide to get the Mayor in on the festivities. Townsville is under attack and the Mayor is in danger. Can the Professor rouse the girls back into action? Their fists have failed, but can the girls think of an alternate attack plan?

Charm writes a great finale. With equal parts humor, action, and plot, the writer finds a great balance to deliver a fun and fast-paced story that shows the girls in a different light. This is a challenge like never before, so it requires a response like never before. Bubbles really steals the show this time around. Her characters is broadened a little bit and we see her doing things we don’t normally think of Bubbles doing. Charm’s art is just as good as his writing. He uses the show as his starting point, but with the monsters and attacks going on he manages to give it his own little twist with a few flourishes. The monsters are big and imposing, the girls match up with their TV counterparts, and the colors are bright and vivid.

Bottom Line: The Monster Isle story is a fun and fast-paced adventure that gives us a new twist on the Powerpuff Girls. Usually one monster attacks, the girls fight, the day is saved. This time we see all the monsters attack, the girls fight, they give up, and then everything else happens. Hopefully Charm takes another trip to Townsville soon. 4/5


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