Review: Powerpuff Girls #7

Review of: Powerpuff Girls #7
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Derek Charm

Powerpuff Girls #7

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On March 12, 2014
Last modified:March 12, 2014


Charm throws the Girls up against a huge threat for once.

Watch out, Townsville! There ain’t no party like a MONSTER ISLAND party, and these beasties are holding their festivities in YOUR FAIR CITY! Will the Powerpuff Girls be able to stop them before they COMPLETELY trash the place?! Part one of a special 2-issue story by Derek Charm!

A new two-part story kicks off this week in the pages of The Powerpuff Girls #7. The new story about Monster Island’s inhabitants is written and drawn by Derek Charm with Neil Uyetake handling lettering. When all the monsters from Monster Island attack at once, do the Girls even stand a chance?

Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles are all working on their own little projects inside Professor Utonium’s lab. The Prof. is impressed with the girl’s work, but he has something of his own he needs to finish up. One of his colleagues found a mysterious tablet he hopes Utonium can translate. The Professor fires up his new Deciphe-O-Ray to see if it works. It turns out the ancient tablet is actually a party invitation. Monster Island has decided to hold a big party in the city of Townsville. They’re going to party down, which means massive levels of destruction. The Girls fly off, but when every monster on Monster Island attacks at once, it might be too much for even the Chemical X-enhanced tiny titans. Can they put a kibosh on the big monster mash? Who led all the monsters to Townsville in the first place?

Charm writes a rather…charming (I’m sorry for that one) story. The Girls get thrown a new problem that brings in some fresh villains and ramps the threat level up to proportions we haven’t seen in a while. The ending leaves you shocked as well. This two-part story shows a lot of promise and has some real fun in the process. Charm’s art has an edge to it that makes it look a little grittier that some of the clean and sterile cartoon-to-comic transitions we’ve seen in past Powerpuff stories. Part of that is Charm’s colors and use of shadows. This is still the bright and cheery city of Townsville, but the monsters change the mood a little.

Bottom Line: Charm throws the Girls up against a huge threat for once. Most of the time they fly in, throw a few punches, clean up the city, and then the day is saved. This is a little more complex and tougher mission. Things end in an interesting place that leaves you eager to see what comes next. 4/5

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