Review: Powerpuff Girls #6

Review of: Powerpuff Girls #6
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Troy Little

Powerpuff Girls #6

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On February 26, 2014
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Little ends his story in style.

Cower in fear citizens of Townsville, for I, MOJO JOJO have RETURNED! Not even your Previews solicitation is safe from my influence, for I am all-powerful and supremely cunning. You have been chosen to bare witness to the ultimate destruction of Townsville – for such is my plan to demolish this wretched city once and for all, along with those annoying Powerpuff Girls! Then NO ONE will be able to stop MOJO JOJO from RULING THE WORLD!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

The final installment of the first story arc for IDW’s new Powerpuff Girls series hits this week in issue #6. The story is written and drawn by Troy Little with colors by Jeremy Colwell. Little and Neil Uyetake tackle lettering together. HIM has been put out of commission for now, but how do the girls deal with MoJo JoJo’s return?

The girls are on their way home after the big showdown between all the villains and then HIM, but what they come home to is a big surprise. MoJo has gotten into the Professor’s Chemical X and is now back to his old, big-brained, evil ways. The villainous primate has also taken something from the lab that will help him pull off his most diabolical plan yet. It’s a race against the clock as the girls hightail it to MoJo’s lair and try to put the kibosh on his plans. They find out the monkey may have been playing them and the Professor all along. Will MoJo finally be able to win the day? Can the girls stop MoJo’s biggest attempt to harm Townsville yet?

Little writes a fast-paced and fitting conclusion to his run. MoJo has taken a backseat the last few issues since HIM has been causing trouble, but now we finally see what the evil genius has really been doing this entire time. The writer really opens things up for MoJo this time around and does a good job of capturing his style and his voice, as he has done with most everyone else during the six-issue stint. Little’s art is great as always. He does a fantastic job of capturing the feel of the original series while still adding a few little flourishes of his own. Little’s art is elevated in part due to Colwell’s colors, which really sell the cartoon feel.

Bottom Line: Little ends his story in style. MoJo JoJo is finally brought to the forefront and his game is brought to the light and explained. Little has really set the girls up and left things in a good place for the start of the next story arc. 3.5/5

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