Review: The Powerpuff Girls #5

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Review of: The Powerpuff Girls #5
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Troy Little

The Powerpuff Girls #5

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On January 15, 2014
Last modified:January 15, 2014


The Powerpuff Girls continues to be an all-ages smash-hit.

Oh NO, it looks like Buttercup was right all along! The Ex-Villains have reverted to their old ways and are tearing up Townsville! The Powerpuff Girls are out-numbered but never outmatched—that is, until the horrible shadow of HIM falls across the battlefield. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, huh?

The big showdown with Him takes place this month in the pages of The Powerpuff Girls #5. The series is written and drawn by Troy Little with Jeremy Colwell providing colors. Little and Neil Uyetake handle the issue’s lettering as well. Now that the ex-villains are villains again, how do the girls cope when it’s all out chaos?

Last month it was revealed that Him had partially mind controlled the villains of Townnsville, making them do good deeds. Now that the citizens well and truly believe they’ve turned over a new leaf, Him has loosened his mind control and let their true nature take over. The girls have to take on each and every villain as Him makes sure chaos reigns. When the big, red baddie shows up to taunt and tease the girls about his plans, the villains don’t take too kindly to being pawns in his game. Him is preaching about the true nature of villainy and how the villains are and will always be villains, but is that true? Is there any true good in any person in Townsville?

Little writes a great issue. This is all-out action from the first page to the last. The girls are having to face a war on all fronts, then things get worse when Him reveals himself. There’s also a lot of drama and real weighty exploration of the villains here. This is the most adult issue yet with the way it explores one’s true nature. Little’s art is spot on as always. He has his own little flourishes, but he perfectly translates the cartoon to the printed page. Little seems to have a lot of fun with the villains, and it shows. Fuzzy Lumpkins is my particular favorite, and the artist gets to do a lot with the character this time. Colwell’s coloring elevates the art and makes thing bright and poppy. I think if you flipped the pages fast enough, you could watch it like the cartoon. The art and colors are that accurate.

Bottom Line: The Powerpuff Girls continues to be an all-ages smash-hit. This issue feels like a finale in a lot of ways, but there is still one important thing left to reveal. This is a great issue that wraps up a lot of story elements, but now I’m anxious to see what happens with MoJo JoJo. 4.5/5


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