Review: Planetoid #2


After crash-landing in a vast heap of space junk, wayward space-pirate Silas now journeys on to an area of the planetoid, known as “The Slab”. It’s rumored that human tribes eke out a living on this endless surface of fabricated metal… BUT, so do gangs of sadistic robots! Silas will have to gather information and find allies in order to make a stand against the larger tyrannical forces that control the planetoid.

Planetoid #2 proves that Ken Garing has a hit. The first issue was nothing short of spectacular, and the second issue is another good entry. Garing covers it all on this book from story and art to lettering. In the first issue we saw former soldier turned space pirate crash land on the planetoid with a very special weapon. This issue shows some more exploration of the planet and further expands the uniqueness of the gun.

Silas is pointed in the direction of what passes for civilization on the planetoid by the man he met named Mendel. Silas goes about some exploration when he sees another ship crash on the planet. When he goes to investigate, he runs into some more people and a whole lot of trouble. We see the introduction of two new characters, Onica and Ebo. Onica is a young woman who grew up on the planet after crashing on it with her anthropologist parents. Ebo is a descendent of Ebotak slaves. The two are just trying to survive. They have no desire to leave, because like Mendel said escape is impossible. The group runs into some trouble.

Garing has some wonderful art in this book. There are pages of little to no dialogue where the art more than carries the book. Garing has wide landscape shots of the junkyard planet that are visually stunning. The story is familiar, but new. There seems to be a fully developed universe full of different races and warring factions. We learn a little about the Ono Mao who have taken over the planetoid throughout this issue. From the last few pages you can see where the story is heading in future issues. This is where things could go south, but from what has been going on so far I think Garing will handle it well.

Bottom Line: Garing has a great series going with Planetoid. This sci-fi space story is heads above the rest and is worth checking out. From art to story, Garing is nailing ever panel in this book. Image is constantly putting out great books, and this is on the top of the list. I give Planetoid a 4/5.

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