Review: Original Sin #6

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Review of: Original Sin #6
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Jason Aaron, Mike Deodato, Frank Martin

Original Sin #6

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On July 17, 2014
Last modified:July 17, 2014


The artwork seems to be improving, but the plot continues to wallow in mediocrity

We are on the home stretch of Original Sin, and it continues to have a ton of potential but using none of it.

As Original Sin gets closer and closer towards the end of its series, all I can think about is the miniseries Battle Scars.  For those of you not familiar with it, it brought in Marcus Johnson (black Nick Fury) and Agent Coulson into the Marvel Universe (616) a few years ago.  While I’ve been fine with the results, the execution was terrible and was forced to make the comic universe line up with the movie universe.  Original Sin feels like Battle Scars on a bigger level.  Nick is getting out of the way and given a new purpose for the Marvel Universe as he hasn’t had a real purpose for years.  The plot might have some problems but the character work that Jason Aaron uses throughout #6 is still quite good.  There are few funny moments, specifically from Doctor Strange and the Punisher, which keeps the title from wallowing in flashbacks and seriousness.

Original Sin #6 continues the trend of pushing Nick Fury towards what we all have known from the beginning, at he’ll be the Watcher before this series is over.  It’s going to lead to great stories I’m sure, especially in Nova, but it feels rushed and unearned for the character.  Original Sin is reminding me of Siege, as it’s a means to change the status quo up in an easy and short amount of time.  The more I think about the characters that could replace Fury, the more I could see Doctor Strange taking the job Fury and launching a Doctor Strange title in the fall.  But did we need a massive event to do all of this? No we did not.  This could have been a crossover or a smaller scale miniseries at best.  We still haven’t seen all of tie-ins for this event so my enjoyment may increase if titles like Amazing Spider-Man and Daredevil use the concept well.

Mike Deodato turns in one of the better issues of the event.  There is one major problem though that has left me confused. When Iron Man, Cap, Black Widow, and Wolverine are inspecting the LMD, how much of Avengers Tower blows up?  It looks like the entire building blows up by the way Captain America walks away from the explosion.  Avengers Tower blowing up from LMD would require a bigger explosion and hopefully a shot of the outside as the damage goes through the building.  I was also a little confused about Dr. Midas’ touch.  He touches the seas when stepping off the boat, but his hands are touching a ladder which isn’t turning gold.  These are small things that should be easily avoidable.  Complaining aside, Deodato is doing some great work here.  The excess use of dead space is greatly toned down and used more efficiently.  They break the panels up naturally and guide the reader’s eyes well instead of blatant panel breaks.  His inking has continued to lighten up, making it much easier to see reactions and emotions on characters.

Original Sin #6 gets 3/5.


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