Review: Original Sin #1

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Review of: Original Sin #1
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Jason Aaron, Mike Deodato, Frank Martin

Original Sin #1

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On May 8, 2014
Last modified:May 8, 2014


A decent start to the event, but some questionable artwork keeps it from being good.

It’s almost summer time, which means Marvel is knee deep in event mode. Original Sin is this year’s event and it looks to be much different than past ones.  But it has a few wrinkles to iron out.

When an event starts, I look at two things to determine if it will be successful. 1) How much of a lead in did we have to this event? And 2) Does it build upon past storylines?  Frankly, Original Sin does neither of these things.  Jason Aaron seems to be going for is that the catalyst for the event is an afterthought and ramifications on characters will be the real thing to take away from Original Sin.  The opening is a tad contrived, but is humorous enough that it doesn’t impact the pacing of the issue.  But this scene really cements that Aaron wants to focus on the characters and their interpersonal stories instead of having everyone focus on who killed the Watcher.  There is a real feeling of dread and worry from the group and that this is a grave situation.  Aaron’s dialogue is good and avoids having character’s voices bleed into each other.

The big twist at the end, who is the “boss,” feels very weak and is obviously Nick Fury (original one).  For someone who has been very secretive about his whereabouts and what he has been doing, he is popping up in public places a lot in this issue.  The crazy team ups are fun to think about (what WOULD Ant-Man and Emma Frost do in a room together?) but don’t exactly add to the overall experience.  There is nary a mention of the big hook for this series, the secrets the Watcher knows, and that’s what has been keeping me excited about this series since it was announced.  The ends will mostly likely justify the means, and we’ll be happy that all the set up was taken care of in the first issue.  Original Sin is an eight issue series, so there is plenty of time to develop the story more. Marvel has had a good string of events lately that had great first issues. Even Fear Itself has a good opening issue. It’s strange to see just an ok one start off this event.

Mike Deodato’s artwork is solid as usual. Characters have expressive faces and stand like the action heroes they are.  But Deodato’s inks are quite heavy, which hides the expressive faces that we have come to expect from his pencils.  Dialing it back just a tad would have improved the visuals and the storytelling aspect.  Where this series is double shipping, I’m sure it’s too late to make any changes artistically.  There is a lot of dead space in between panels which makes a few pages feel incomplete. When Ant-Man met Emma Frost is a prime example. Why weren’t the panels bigger to accommodate for that space? Having that dead space doesn’t improve the panels around it.  Deodato isn’t the fastest of pencilers, so this could have been a way for him to keep up with the accelerated shipping schedule.

Original Sin #1 gets 3.5/5.


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