Review: Onion Puss #1


In this issue: Onion Puss goes on a wild ghost chase with the elusive Priscilla, the vivacious Holly, and the long dead Elizabeth.

About the series: Onion Puss is the most wretched little fella you ever saw, and he has terrible luck with girls. Fun adventures!

Onion Puss #1 collects several shorts and one larger story about Onion Puss, a little onion guy who has trouble with the ladies. The story is from a webcomic on Zoo Laffs written and drawn by Chris Garrison. The comic is 36 pages long and collects 6 stories. You may remember we took a look at one of the other Zoo Laffs crew, Jakey the Jerk a few months ago. Jakey and Onion Puss are in a similar vein to each other.

The first few stories are one page strips featuring Onion Puss trying to get a hot date with Priscilla. He tries to play it smooth, but each time he seems to stick his foot in his mouth. The larger story is also about Onion Puss trying to catch Priscilla’s eye, but it’s also a bit of an adventure. Because there’s a spot needing to be filled, Onion Puss is invited to investigate a haunted house and he and the rest of the crew try to make contact with a spirit. The crew is split up into teams of two, and Onion Puss gets paired up with Pricilla’s friend Holly. Holly starts to see some things she likes about Onion Puss and tries to come on to the little guy. Onion Puss is completely oblivious to her advances. Holly likes Onion Puss, Onion Puss likes Priscilla, and a ghost appears who tries to start something with Onion Puss. Yeah, there is an old Edwardian ghost who also has a thing for Onion Puss.

The stories are very humorous. All of the shorts have a good joke, making each and every one of them strong. The main story is just as funny and doesn’t waste a panel of the extra space compared to the shorts. One thing to pick at is the banner on the cover says it is for ages 13 & up give or take. I’d say it’s give and should be aimed at a little bit older of an audience due to some language and adult situations. Just like Jakey the Jerk though, it has a very 90s Cartoon Network vibe.

Bottom Line: Onion Puss is a fun read. The offbeat humor and cartoony art makes it an enjoyable read. If you liked Jakey the Jerk you will definitely love this. You should check out the Zoo Laffs archives at and learn more about Onion Puss #1 by clicking here. 4/5

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