Review: NOBODIES Volume 2


Earlier this week we had another edition of Kickstart the Art featuring a great anthology of realtively unknown creators brought together by Victor Ochoa under the title of NOBODIES Volume 2. You have 10 stories spanning over 100 pages from artists and writers from across the globe. Like the Kickstarter stated, the anthology is a platform for these comic creators to show their skills and let their voices be heard. To state that this is a project that shows these people aren’t to be taken lightly is pretty big talk. If you’re going to make a statement like that, you better back it up. Does this anthology do that? To put it simply yes, yes it does and then some.

I don’t want to do a blow by blow for each of the ten stories, because it would be an incredibly long review and there should be some mystery remaining you should find out on your own. I will name all the people who contributed to the book though, to not do that would be a disservice to the purpose of the book: OMOCAT, Rex Ogle and Erin Kavanaugh, Gerhard Human, Frank Reynoso, Nicholas Doan and Josh Gowdy, Ellen T. Crenshaw, Sam Sharpe, JD Smith, Victor Ochoa and Rene Keyes, Steve Orlando and Artyom Trakhanov. I will comment on three stories that show the books huge range of storytelling. You have Lost Boy by Nicholas Doan with josh Gowdy on art.   It’s a twisting turn of a story that has elements of an episode of Law and Order and some heartbreaking reveals. Then you have Frankie by Sam Sharpe. It’s a spin on the Frankenstein story featuring a reanimated game show host. It’s one of the funniest thing I’ve read in some time and features some pretty amazing gags. Bringing up the rear of the book is Flip Falcon: The Last War in Time by Steve Orlando with Artyom Trakhanov. Flip is a space/time travel story about the last minutes in a time traveler’s life. It’s a great character piece and has some very psychedelic art.

Overall, the book is a great collection of stories. You have various art styles that work great with the story being told. You have a couple of stories that have no words; they are carried completely by the art. The wide variety of stories and each creator bringing their “A” game keeps the anthology from having even a single panel that makes it weaker in comparison to the other stories.

Bottom Line: NOBODIES Volume 2 is a pleasant surprise. While not every story will be someone’s cup o tea, you have five more that are. With an anthology you get a variety platter of stories, and this one is top of the line. After a book like this, Volume 3 will have to be called Nobodies No More- 4/5.

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