Review: NIGHT STALKER #.5 By Orlando Haring


night stalker coverLast year we covered a new comic from Orlando Harding about a blue blooded death demon named Dyana who tracks down escaped minions from the depths of hell who are hiding on earth. Some live among humans undetected, but others aren’t as low-key.  Dyana is a detective investigating these demons with her companion Azrael, a red gun toting hellion. Now Dyana is back in a brand new story looking at one of her earlier missions. Night Stalker .5 from First Comics. The story is written by Harding with art from David Miller. Steve Cobb handles colors and Kelly Nuttall provides lettering.

The story features a tricky demon that’s on the run from Dyana. He’s in rough shape and he’s not got long left in the body he has taken over. He’s banged up pretty bad, but the dawn is coming and things are going to get worse. The demon finds shelter in a seafood restaurant where he starts to perform a little magic to shelter himself. Dyana finds him, but isn’t quite able to break through his defenses. The two have a serious conversation about Dyana’s “job” and whether or not she’ll fall out of her employer’s good graces. The demon is able to make a tricky escape and shuffles into a church. Finding himself in a confessional booth, the demon unburdens his soul and taunts the priest with some of his actions. When it’s time for the demon to find a new host, things take an interesting turn that set up some big things to come.

Orlando writes an intriguing story. This issue serves more as a sampler platter of what’s to come. We get a lot of surprising developments that sets up a mysterious new dark character that will trouble Dyana in the future. Miller does a very good job with the art. Dyana has a very slight redesign since we saw her last year, but the character and background work is very solid. The force fields and demon creature in the issue are handled in an exciting and action-y way. Cobb’s colors are bright and vivid. Things take on a magical quality when the two adversaries meet. There’s a clash between the blue and green force fields and Dyana’s black and wispy ax.

Bottom Line: Night Stalker .5 is a good teaser for a big story that’s yet to come. Orlando lays the groundwork for a story with some interesting characters. It will be interesting to see where things go from here. This one is worth checking out.

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