Review: All-New Invaders #1

Review of: All-New Invaders #1
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James Robinson, Steve Pugh, Guru-eFX

All-New Invaders #1

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On January 23, 2014
Last modified:January 23, 2014


All-New Invaders #1 is not without some faults, but is still a lot of fun.

Another month, another round of All-New Marvel NOW! titles.  All-New Invaders #1 is one of the higher profile books released by Marvel in a while, so there is a lot riding on it being a success.  #1 is a good start to the comic, but has a few flaws.

After reading All-New Invaders, I found out that there was a prequel story in the All-New Marvel NOW! Point One.  James Robinson is absolved of blame, but the editor should have put a note of some kind.  A simple reference to the prequel would have been nice on the recap page.  I was slightly confused by the end of the end by the little to no explanation for why the Kree are looking for this weapon.  This is a small hiccup that could have been easily fixed.  Robinson characterizes Jim Hammond easily in All-New Invaders #1 which ends up being a good thing for the series overall.  We know the rest of the Invaders quite well from other series, but the original Human Torch needs to be brought back into the spotlight for those not familiar (like me).  His plight of feeling like an outside while looking like everyone else is established well in the first few pages.  While the average reader will know who the rest of the Invaders are, it’s good to see Robinson develop Hammond’s report with the rest of the team (even if it’s in the past).

Robinson seems to be using the framing device that Ed Brubaker used so often in his Captain America run; tell a new story that has roots in World War II.  The story is interesting, and doesn’t feature Cap, but part of me has to wonder how many stories we haven’t seen yet.  Between Captain America’s books and the few Bucky has appeared in, I feel like we should have all of World War II covered.  But who am I to complain when the story is good.  The set up is a lot of fun that feels quite different than other team books at Marvel right now.  That didn’t work well for Defenders, so we’ll see how All-New Invaders does sales wise.  Faults aside, All-New Invaders looks to be another good addition to the House of Idea’s ever growing line up of books.

Steve Pugh’s artwork is almost unrecognizable to his work on Animal Man.  The style overhaul doesn’t hurt the final product though.  His artwork flows well, and the Human Torch burns across the sky with ease.  Captain America’s shield seems oddly large on the final page though.  Also, when the Human Torch is carrying a civilian, with half of his body on fire, it looks like the Torch’s shoulder has been separated from the rest of his body.  The World War II sequence looked absolutely fantastic though.  Tanalth has an imposing presence when standing over the Torch.  He’s a guy on fire, but the angles that Pugh uses puts Torch on the weaker side when compared Tanalth.

All-New Invaders #1 gets 3.5/5.

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