Advanced Review: MYTH #3


myth coverLast summer we featured some reviews for a comic called Myth that was set up for a good cause. The first issue was released on Comixology and the proceeds of the book were going to to help abused and neglected children. The story focuses on a young orphan name Sam and the giant he befriends. What starts out as a superhero-like story quickly expands into a big mythical romp. You can read the review for the first issue here and the second issue here. This coming Wednesday will see the third and final installment of the series released on Comixology. The story is written by Mike Loniewski with art by Dan Lauer. E.T. Dollman rounds out the cast with lettering. The end is here, but does it leave us happy?

In the final pages of issue #2 Sam had been taken by an evil minion looking to resurrect the long dead witch he and his kind served. The Giant and Anne weren’t able to stop Sam from being carried off, but they’re determined to get him back before the ceremony to bring the witch back to life can be carried out. To do that they’re going to need a little help from an old warrior who wants nothing to do with the disgraced Giant or any filthy humans. The final battle is about to commence and not everyone will make it out alive. Can the Giant and Anne rescue Sam? Sam’s been abandoned and let down all his life, so will this time be any different?

Loniewski writes a big, action-packed finale that brings everything together in an exciting way. There’s a lot of fights, but there’s also a lot more explanation about the fantastical elements that really started to gain ground in the second issue. There’s still room for exploration and more explanation, but we get the answers to all of the big questions. While this is a pulse-pounding issue, there’s also a lot of emotion and heart. This has really been Sam’s story, the story of an orphaned boy looking for a place he belongs, and Loniewski really pulls at the heartstrings. It never ventures into mushy territory either. Lauer’s art has been great for the previous issues, but you can see the artist grow and really cut loose in the finale. There are giant fight sequences, weird creatures, and some big ‘sword and sorcery’ characters and settings. Sam still looks innocent and precocious, as I’ve said before, but the world around him is a little darker and gloomier this time. It makes for a great contrast in several panels. Sam has grown and changed over the course of the series, and so has the art.

Bottom Line: This is a big 54 page finale that delivers on all fronts. Myth has been a solid series, but this one throws everything it’s got onto the page. There’s a definite beginning, middle, and end, but there’s still room for exploration and I hope we get more someday. 4.5/5

You can find Myth’s Comixology page by clicking here.

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