Review: Multiplayer #1


In this first issue of Multiplayer, infamous archaeologist Heather Graham discovers the truth behind a forgotten legend and with the help of Samantha Clark, her best friend and a powerful sorceress, try to stop the prophesied return of an ancient lord of evil called the Beast King. All the while a legendary elvish hero from the distant past time-travels to the present to stop the same evil force from destroying the world.

It’s that time in the week again where we take a look at a new comic from Comixology’s Submit releases. This time we have a book called Multiplayer. The story is from Tomi Hanzek with Kris Hanzek serving as the editor. This is a story heavily influenced by video games. So is this book more like an Xbox or a Dreamcast?

multiplayer coverThe story opens in the Black Forest of Germany. Archaeologist Heather Graham is exploring the ruins of an “undiscovered late upper Paleolithic culture” that has something that holds the key to the world’s past and just possibly its future. Graham finds the burial tomb of an ancient princess. We then flash back 14,000 years prior to learn about the princess and the legendary hero that helped save her from a great evil. The princess’ blood was used in a ceremony to try and resurrect Durrok, a great evil who could destroy all life as we know it. The hero must go to the tower of ages so he can be transported to three days before Durrok comes back. Whatever year that may be, our hero will be there and ready to fight. This causes Graham’s story to intersect with the heroes.  She has found ancient artifacts that point her to the location. At the same time, a great fighter is told the ancient legend by his master. He is told to go and find the hero so he can help. The three characters are all on a path that will intersect. They will all meet soon, but is their combined force enough to turn back the darkness?

Hanzek writes a story that combines a lot of recognizable video game properties. You have Graham who is influenced by Lara Croft; the hero influenced by Link from Zelda; and the fighter who borrows from Ryu, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat. There are a lot of things to set up with the first issue, so you have three stories that seem to be disconnected until you get closer to the big finale. It’s a solid story with a lot of moving parts. It’s like the Avengers of video game characters, but it feels a little heavy handed at times. The art is hit and miss. At times it looks very sleek and feels like video game graphics, but sometimes the faces seem a little odd and angular. Everything is very vibrant and wonderfully colorful though.

Bottom Line: Multiplayer has a lot of nods to some popular video games that hardcore gamers will eat up. There’s a lot laid out in the debut issue and several characters are quickly moved into place. It’s an interesting story. There are some bumps in the road, but it will be interesting to see how things unfold now that all the introductions are out of the way. 3/5

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