Review: Mr. Peabody And Sherman #1

Review of: Mr. Peabody and Sherman #1
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Sholly Fisch

Mr. Peabody and Sherman #1

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On November 27, 2013
Last modified:November 27, 2013


Mr. Peabody and Sherman is another lovely feather in IDW’s all-ages hat.

A dog…and his boy?! Join the classic Jay Ward characters, the world’s smartest individual who happens to be a dog, Mr. Peabody, and his son Sherman, on their maiden voyage in the time-traveling WABAC machine and other adventures exploring history.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman are about to get their own movie, so of course it is the perfect time to explore some of their historic exploits in the pages of a new comic. IDW’s new series is written by Sholly Fisch with art and colors by Jorge Monlongo. Tom B. Long rounds things out with lettering. So how does the first trip in the Wabac Machine go?

Mr. Peabody is an absolute genius. He graduated from university with three PH.D’s, has won numerous Nobel Prize, and mastered the stock market. Mr. Peabody is also a dog. There was one sense of accomplishment that couldn’t be filled until Mr. Peabody adopted a young boy named Sherman. After a legal battle over whether a dog could own a boy, Mr. Peabody and Sherman go about their life. Sherman is an active boy who needs room to play. Mr. Peabody figures there’s no better way to do that and teach the boy than to invent a time machine. After several prototypes Mr. Peabody develops the Wabac Machine. From there he and his boy are off on adventures throughout time. Their first stop is 30,000 years in the past to visit some Neanderthals. Will Mr. Peabody’s plan to let Sherman get some room to play backfire when they end up meddling in time? What happens when a dog and his boy become a part of history?

Fisch writes a fast-paced and fun introductory issue. He’s get the introductions out of the way and still fits in two historic adventures in a 22-page spread. Fisch brings some of the original cartoon’s humor and style to the comics while still giving it a bit of an update. Monlongo’s art and colors are a fantastic fit for Fisch’s story. He has a very sharp and stylistic cartoon style that shows the calm and collected Mr. Peabody and the more spastic Sherman. He keeps things bright and makes it pop off the page.

Bottom Line: Mr. Peabody and Sherman is another lovely feather in IDW’s all-ages hat. The publisher has had hit after hit in their newly launched comic series and this one is no exception. Fisch keeps things light and fun. If the upcoming movie is half as good and fun as this comic, we’re in for a real treat. 4/5


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