Review: Morning Glories #26

Review of: Morning Glories #26
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Nick Spencer, Joe Eisma
Image Comics

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On April 23, 2013
Last modified:April 23, 2013


Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma start the second season off in a big way

IMG130018Another month, another great issue of Morning Glories.  #26 is all flashbacks, answering some long term questions, while bringing up a whole heap of new questions.

With all the explosions and cutting of scenes in the last few issues, #26 slows things down to answer some questions.  #26 is all about Casey and what she has been doing in the past.  It acts as an interlude, considering we saw what happened to her in #25 last month.  One thing that Nick Spencer has been doing the last few issues is throwing a lot of information at the reader in wordless panels.  They reference lots of things, including some things we haven’t been told yet.  Spencer uses this well enough, and it helps him speed along the issue without bogging it down.  Naturally, the reader needs to be caught up with Morning Glories and everything that has happened, which can be a tad annoying.  But books like this are a commitment.  You give it a little time to understand the story, it pays off immensely.

One big character reveal is the focus of the issue.  And boy is it a doozy.  Spencer leaves the gritty details out, like why Casey suddenly does the things she does.  Considering we have seventy four issues left in the series, we could see Spencer going into detail about these events.  Having so many characters and motivations ends up being a double edged sword with this series.  I love these characters, so I want to get into their heads and see what is going on when they do things.  But if Spencer does exactly as I want, the issue will play off as slow, and this briskly paced issue would have taken two or three instead of one.  For those that were complaining about the lack of answers in #25, their complaints should be somewhat quieted.  #26 really acts like a season opener, paying off the cliff hangers that were teased at the end of last season

As always, Joe Eisma rocks it on art.  Every character is bursting with energy and personality.  The quick action scenes look great as well.  Eisma has really figured out how to capture big action sequences in a small panel, without them feeling cramped.  While not going into spoiler territory, Eisma handles the big reveal very well.  It makes you go back and look at characters differently, and see what was going on all along.  I picked up a few issues near the beginning of the series, and my jaw dropped at stuff I hadn’t noticed.  It’s stuff like this that makes Morning Glories one of the highlights of my pull list each month.

Morning Glories #26 starts off season 2 on a high note.  Side note, I’m glad Spencer and Eisma decided to keep the original numbering, and not revert back to #1 for the second season.

Morning Glories #26 gets 4/5.

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