Review: Monster Motors One-Shot

Review of: Monster Motors
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Brian Lynch

Monster Motors

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On July 23, 2014
Last modified:July 22, 2014


Lynch and company give classic characters an interesting twist that makes for a surprisingly good read.

The once-quiet town of Transylvania, Kentucky is under attack from Cadillacula, an evil vampire-car that sucks the gas out of other vehicles! The more victims he claims, the more powerful he gets. Genius mechanic Vic Frankenstein has a solution: build a monster to fight a monster. Vic and his android assistant iGOR (interactive Garage Operations Robot) assemble a giant truck from the pieces of the town’s fallen vehicles. Frankenride is born and the battle between good and evil hits the road!

A quirky new one-shot hits this week from IDW called Monster Motors. The story is written by Brian Lynch with art from Nick Roche. Leonard O’Grady handles colors with Tom B. Long tackling lettering. With a story touting characters like Caddillacula and Frankenride, this could either be really good or really bad. Which one is it though?

Vic Frankenstein is something of a mechanical genius. He graduated at the top of his class and built his own truck from scratch while everyone else “was learning what a muffler was.” That’s why he jumped at the opportunity to buy his own garage when he saw one listed on the internet. When he arrives in Transylvania, Kentucky though, he quickly discovered that the listing didn’t give him the full rundown of what he was buying. When Vic opens up shop and starts working on cars, his dreams are dashed when he wakes up the next morning to find the cars destroyed and drained of all their gas. Enter the deadly Cadillacula, the vampire Cadillac who preys on weaker vehicles. When it takes a monster to beat a monster, Vic Frankenstein has to do something that will push the self-professed genius and egotist to his limits. Can Vic stop Cadillacula? What other monstrous motors are lurking in the Transylvanian darkness?

Lynch writes a fun and witty story that turns all the classic monsters on their heads, or wheels rather. This is a story filled with very familiar characters shown in a brand new light. Lynch brings the humor for sure, but he keeps the cars rather straight-laced and serious, which keeps Cadillacula, Frankenride, Wheelwolf, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hybrid, and all the rest from feeling like bad parodies. There are thrills, chills, and some big ideas laid out in the one-shot that hopefully get picked up in another issue or even an ongoing series. This is a strong story on its own, but hopefully we see more of it. Roche is a Transformers comic vet, so he’s a perfect fit for this story. He brings all the monstrous cars to life and gives them their own personalities. Cadillacula is fitting sleek, sharp, and dangerous, but Frankenride may be the standout with his front end making something of a growling face fitting of the monster he’s fashioned after. The humans are just as cool and stylized as the cars though. Vic’s spikey pompadour hair makes him look like just as much of a genius as a greaser. O’Grady’s colors are bright and vibrant, giving what could have been a dark story a nice splash of color and glowing headlights.

Bottom Line: Monster Motors is a one-shot, but hopefully IDW decides to extend the warranty on this shiny new car. Lynch and company give classic characters an interesting twist that makes for a surprisingly good read. 4/5

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