Review: The Mocking Dead #5

Review of: The Mocking Dead #5
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Fred Van Lente

The Mocking Dead #5

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On January 22, 2014
Last modified:January 22, 2014


The Mocking Dead goes out on a high note and sends the zombie comic book genre up in style.

At long last DIA agents Bunch and Malik uncover the connection between the long-lost film Mocking Dead and the real-life undead plague keeping the globe — and you have to see it believe it! But with the zombie apocalypse quickly reaching the point of no return, can they stay alive long enough to get it to the military in time?

The Mocking Dead reaches its conclusion this week with the release of issue #5. The irreverent zombie series is written by Fred Van Lente with art by Max Dunbar. Aikau Olivia handles graytones and colors with Simon Bowland providing lettering. Mocking Dead has been a weird and wacky ride, but how do things come together in the end?

Bunch, Malik, and Steve are in search for the former child star who is the only person on planet earth to remember the ending to the old B-movie horror film he was in, called The Mocking Dead. The now grown-up Wayne Peary is at Kier Pharmaceuticals undergoing an experimental treatment for Parkinson’s disease. He’s not able to reveal the true ending of the movie, but Bunch and Malik are able to piece it together. With one not very helpful Kier employee left alive, the team thinks they have figured out how to stop the zombie apocalypse. Is everything truly as it seems? Can Bunch and Malik get their information back to the military in time?

Fred Van Lente writes a solid final issue. Things make a drastic 180 as everything you thought you knew is turned on its head and hilarity ensues. There’s not the closure you were expecting with Bunch and Malik, but it does make some sense considering how the story ends. This is a parody, so I don’t’ think we were expecting a real meaty and heavy story. Dunbar’s art and Olivia’s graytones have been a true highlight of this series. They present some art and characters that are a little more cartoony than horror, but they do a great job of sending up that other book about walking zombies. The scenes with amassing zombie hordes as some characters meet their end are visually stunning and oddly hilarious.

Bottom Line: The Mocking Dead goes out on a high note and sends the zombie comic book genre up in style. Taking this as the parody that it is and looking at what’s presented on the page, this is a really solid read for anyone that loves the genre and likes a well-crafted parody. 4/5

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