Review: The Mocking Dead #3

Review of: The Mocking Dead #3
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Fred Van Lente

The Mocking Dead #3

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On November 13, 2013
Last modified:November 13, 2013


We’ve got two more issues to go and it looks like it’s going to be just as hilarious and interesting.

Attention, Box-Mart Shoppers. There is a sale on brains, guts and other viscera in aisles two, twelve, twenty, thirty-four, eighty-six, a hundred and three, and … well, all aisles really, because this entire store has been taken over by the MOCKING DEAD BRRAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Dynamite’s hilarious send up of zombie media continues this week in The Mocking Dead #3. The story is written by Fred Van Lente with art by Max Dunbar. Aikau Olivia handles graytones and colors with Simon Bowland handling lettering. So how do the dead get mocked this month?

Last time Aaron and Vanessa were on a plane to track down the one remaining copy of the movie The Mocking Dead. The film holds the secret to the current zombie outbreak, and once Aaron sees it again he’ll know how to combat the current problem. Their more pressing problem is the fact their two pilots just turned into zombies. Vanessa has to save the day of course, Aaron is just the geeky schlub after all. The two narrowly escape, but they have no clue where they are. Luckily they come upon a Box-Mart. As the duo try to clean themselves up and figure out what to do next, they may run into trouble with the other shoppers. They’re all looking for a sale on braaaaainns!

Van Lente writes an issue with a lot more bite this time. We get pretty equal parts story/character development and hard-hitting satire on everything from zombies, politicians, the NRA, and the popular media. This is probably the funniest issue out of the three, but it also really starts to flesh out the characters. The relationship between Aaron and Vanessa is explored and we see how they’ve both changed or stayed the same since they last met. Dunbar’s art is great. He really has an eye for action and is really able to transition between the movie, the news, and the actual story with ease. There’s a lot to juggle with The Mocking Dead, but Dunbar does an admirable job. Olivia’s greys and splashes of red with blood really gives the book an added layer of depth. Yes, it’s reminiscent of another The *adjective* Dead comic but it has its own unique look as well.

Bottom Line: The Mocking Dead delivers on its title. We get a satirical look at a lot of different things along with some real forward movement with our characters. Looking deeper into the series, it’s a complex story with a lot of moving parts. We’ve got two more issues to go and it looks like it’s going to be just as hilarious and interesting. 4/5

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