Review: The Mocking Dead #2

Review of: The Mocking Dead #2
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Fred Van Lente

The Mocking Dead #2

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On October 2, 2013
Last modified:October 1, 2013


The Mocking Dead is a hilarious send-up of everything you love about zombie stories.

The side-splitting and artery-spurting epic continues as the battle for Pittsburgh is underway as hordes of the Mocking Dead descend — and Aaron Bunch’s pop-culture-inspired battle plan is put to the test! Will the Internet nerds of DIA’s Tinseltown Division save the city — or accidentally lead it to the edge of the abyss of total zombie apocalypse?

Dynamite’s new zombie parody series stumbles into stores for seconds today. The Mocking Dead #2 is written by Fred Van Lente with art from Max Dunbar. Aikau Olivia handles graytones and colors with Simon Bowland providing lettering. So does The Mocking Dead keep you laughing?

The zombie outbreak has begun and it’s following along with a really old and really cheesy movie called The Mocking Dead. Aaron Bunch, one time member of DIA’s Tinseltown Division that came up with real life scenarios based on pop culture, is trying to track down a copy of the film. All of his emails are turning up nothing and everyone he corresponds with are a little freaked out he hits on them over email. With only his vague childhood recollections of the film helping advise his plan, the battle for Pittsburgh begins. When the military tweaks his plans a little, things start to run off the rails. When Bunch gets a lead on the last surviving copy of the film, his quick trip to visit the estate of a C-list actor takes a surprising twist. Can Aaron find the film in time to solve the zombie problem?

Fred Van Lente writes a funny, witty, satirical, and action-packed story. He brings out all of the zombie movie tropes, cliché character types, and even a little Dr. Strangelove to present a send-up of the overabundance of zombies lately. Things are pretty fast-paced this time around with more focus on the characters and the problems that’s going on with their plans. This is scheduled as a 4 issues miniseries, but you can easily see parts that could be explored and fleshed out in more issues. That’s really the only thing you can knock about the series so far, it warrants being a little longer. Dunbar’s art is fantastic once again. Everything looks pretty realistic with a slight cartoon twist to extenuate how some characters are just playing to a “type.” Olivia’s graytones makes everything feel a little more serious with only a splash of color here and there for the zombies’ mouths. It really contrasts the absurdity of the scenes we’re seeing that should be serious.

Bottom Line: The Mocking Dead is a hilarious send-up of everything you love about zombie stories. It’s The Walking Dead meets Mad Magazine. Things are moving fast, but the pop culture references and weirdness of the entire situation keeps you laughing the entire time. We’re at the halfway point already with issue #2 and it feels like it’s going by too fast. 3.5/5

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