Review: Masks #3


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With criminals and corrupt politicians in power, the masked vigilantes are on the run. The Spider ventures to Albany to investigate the newly elected governor who has signed all of the unjust measures into law, while Green Hornet seeks to find the secret masters of the Justice Party. The Shadow encounters other heroes who have run afoul of the Black Legions, and still more individuals are inspired to don masks and take to the streets in the name of justice.

Dynamite’s pulp hero crossover event continues this month in Masks #3. The story is written by Chris Roberson with art by Dennis Calero. Alex Ross provides art direction and Simon Bowland handles lettering. So far the issues of Masks have been a one-two punch of awesome. Does #3 keep up the pace, or is this a swing and a miss?

masks coverA new day is dawning in the Empire State as our heroes have taken to ground trying to regroup after their last battle with the goons of the Justice Party. The Green Hornet, Kato, The Shadow, The Spider and his friend Singh are all planning what their next steps will be. The group breaks up to tackle their own tasks. The overall goal is to find out who is behind the Justice Party and put a stop to all of the madness. We flip back and forth to other heroes like the Green Llama and Miss Fury as they continue on in the fight with a plan of their own. More answers are raised as we find out a little more about the true puppet masters. The Justice Party has been capturing people and taking them away, and this issue we find out the shocking answer to where they were taking them.

Roberson continues to astound with his story. Masks is one of the best written crossover events in recent memory. Each character is handled well with each getting their own moment in the spotlight. The balance is struck well as everyone breaks off on their own or in small groups. Calero does a good job on art. His style took a little while to get used to with his debut in issue 2, but aside from some odd faces on the close-up shots he does a solid job. Calero provides a fresh look to the pulp story, but some shots are framed odd and make character’s faces seem a little off. The neon glow the colors make really works well visually.

Bottom Line: Masks is a can’t miss event. The best pulp heroes assemble to face a threat greater than themselves. Roberson crafts a great tale that stays true to the individual parts and Calero provides some vibrant work. If you aren’t reading Masks, you’re missing something special 4/5

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