Review: Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet


Last month, the second video game featuring the Marvel Super Hero Squad was released. The game story line is based on the Infinity Gauntlet crossover series of the early 90’s. The cute versions of the Marvel heroes still have to solve puzzles and fight cute bad guys. The mix of grown up and less grown up humor, that makes the cartoon show fun for both, is also throughout the game in cut scenes and during game play. The Gauntlet story line is not true to the popular comic book series, but does bring an important piece of comic book history to today’s generation. The Infinity Gauntlet was a Marvel crossover on the grandest of scales. Every hero and one shot to save the whole universe. The story is Marvel nerd 101. This game does not attempt to teach a history lesson, rather it has fun with the basics of the story and uses it as a device to bring many Marvel characters into the game play. It is not easy to have Thanos, Glactus, Super Skrull, Spider-Man, and Falcon all in one game.

The game play is single or two player cooperative. The single and two player mode allows you to switch between two heroes at any given time, allowing you to solve puzzles with their special abilities, and if playing with someone less skilled, take on the more difficult task at hand. Puzzles range from fighting hordes of baddies, to mazes, to more complex team work orientated effort revolving around using each heroes unique powers. The many levels, comic book references, and problem solving keep you interested and thinking.

John O'Hurley

If that is not enough, the voice acting in the game is also impressive. Veteran actors for the heroes and villains make for fun, and not obtrusive, scenes in between game play and during the action.  Big stars like Mark Hamill as Red Skull, George Takei as Galactus, Tom Kenny as Iron Man/Captain America/MODOK, Jim Parsons as Nightmare, Jane Lynch as Nebula, and even John O’Hurley as Grandmaster!

While the overall look is geared toward a younger audience, this game is not only for kids. The puzzles make for a challenge for youngsters, while subtle humor from great actors entertain the older players. Whatever your age, ask Santa for a copy.

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