Review: The MARVEL Chess Collection #1


spider-man bannerOur friends at Eaglemoss have launched another new collection that comic book fans of all ages will definitely find interesting. This new collection just so happens to appeal to two very different sections of nerdom that usually overlap- comic book readers and chess players. The Marvel Chess Collection offers fans the chance to use their favorite heroes and villains as pieces on the board for one of the coolest games of chess ever played. The first issue features Spider-Man, the white knight of the Marvel universe. Read on for our review of the first issue and chess piece released in the collection.

spider-manSpider-Man, unarguably one of the most popular Marvel characters ever, gets things going for the new collection. The web-slinger represents the white knight side of the board, with other heroes serving as his compatriots and the villains taking on the black pieces. The figure itself is made out of metallic resin and is hand painted. It’s a surprisingly large and weighty piece, standing around 5 or 6 inches tall with some heft to it. The pieces has some amazing detail considering its size and purpose. There are a lot of character chess sets out there, but this is one of the better rendered pieces I’ve seen. If this is the quality the entire collection will have, customers will definitely be getting what they pay for. Like all chess sets, you’ll be putting some money into it, but it’s fairly reasonably priced for being the quality it is with the Marvel logo on top of it all.

The piece also comes with a magazine that explains why the character is chosen for the piece it is and a rundown of some of the highlights of the hero or villain’s best stories. You get a thumbnail sketch of Spider-Man’s history and some comic art showing off the bigger developments and even bigger villains. You also get a pull out insert that explains the basics of chess and how your particular piece moves. This builds as more issues come out, giving readers a good rundown of the game and a rather in-depth rundown of the basics and some strategy for the game. The last section of the magazine illustrates the hero using his skills to attack a problem in a similar fashion as the piece he represents. The “Strategic Moves” relates one of the character’s comic book exploits to the game of chess in a really great way that actually surprises you with how relevant and fitting a comparison it is.

The only real downside for the collection is the magazine itself. While it’s good enough for casual fans and serves as a nice companion to the piece, it’s just a quick and simple thumbnail sketch of the character. Seasoned fans won’t find a lot to chew on here other than the aforementioned “Strategic Moves” section. It gives you a quick shot of Spidey’s history and a few of his battles, but it glosses over a lot of the finer details and more recent history.

Bottom Line: Eaglemoss has another quality collection on their hands. While the magazine feels a little light for well-read fans, it is still interesting in its own right. It’s a nice companion piece for a really nice chess piece. You can learn a lot more about the collection, the pieces, and how you can get your hands on it by checking out the official website by clicking here. What do you think about Spidey being Marvel’s white knight?


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