Review: Mars Attacks The Real Ghostbusters


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Something even stranger is in the neighborhood when the restless spirits of some merciless Martians are stirred from their slumber to attack again! It’s up to the REAL Ghostbusters to save New Jersey from this angry red threat. Well…if they must.

Mars marches on as they continue their attack across the IDW universe. They have tussled with Popeye, cranked up the chaos with KISS, and now they bump into the real Ghostbusters. The third installment in the five issue-series is written by Erik Burnham and features art by Jose Holder. Jeremy Colwell handles colors while Neil Uyetake provides letters. So is Mars Attacks Ghostbusters a hit, or is it a worse mistake than crossing the streams?

ghost buster coverThe story opens in 1938 as a radio broadcast of War of the Worlds is happening. You can guess that the Martians intercept the transmission and see it as an opening to attack. When they land, the broadcast is at the part where humanity overcomes the invaders. The Martians see the broadcast as a trap and hightail it off the third rock from the sun. They don’t quiet make it and crash land in a field in New Jersey. Flash forward to the present where the Ghostbusters are facing a giant ghost in a toy store. After a very punny (pun+funny) exchange, the busters regroup only to be called to said field in New Jersey where something strange is happening. You can probably connect the dots. The Martian ship crashes and years later strange things are happening because the site is disturbed. The Ghostbusters don’t fight aliens, but they’ll have to take a crack at Martian ghosts. You heard that right, Martians from Mars Attacks as Ghosts!

Burnham writes a great story that could have very easily ventured into a very bad direction. It has the humor and fun factor you’d expect from a Mars Attacks/Ghostbusters crossover, but it avoids being too absurd. You have the great Ghostbuster characters that have held their own IDW book, and you even get some character development from the Martians. The art is handled superbly by Holder. The new take on the Martians is handled very well. Burnham offers up something new but still familiar. Colwell’s colors help sell the ghost Martians. One thing I’ve failed to mention in the previous reviews is the cover art of Ray Dillion. With a cover for each issue that looks like one of the Mars Attacks cards, Dillion has presented some amazing work the past three issues. I look forward to the remaining two.

Bottom Line: Mars Attacks the Real Ghostbusters knocks it out of the park for an already great miniseries. With a great story full of humor that still takes risks by doing something new with the Martians, this is one of the best chapters in the Attacks event 4.5/5

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