Review: Mars Attacks The Holidays


It’s that time of year! The Martians have come to bring good cheer to all! Well, not really, but humanity still will find a way to celebrate the spirit of the season. Join IDW and Topps—along with a stellar team of writers and artists—to honor the holidays in these four bloody tales of festive cheer!

Everything at IDW is coming up Martians. With Mars Attacks going on 50years and the upcoming 5 part miniseries featuring the Martians facing off against IDW’s finest, those little green men are all the craze. It’s been a few years since I’ve had a run in with Mars Attacks, so I thought this would be the perfect chance to reacquaint myself with them. Mars Attacks The Holidays, you have four festive stories by several writers and artists. This one-shot collection tackles Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

The first story is by Fred Hembeck who also handles art and letters. Mars Attacks All Hallow’s Steve takes place on Halloween, of course, and tells the story of Steve who is stuck taking his little brother Ricky trick or treating. As you can imagine, the Martians come to earth on the one day they can blend in. A scouting troop is assessing the situation and preparing for war and the only thing standing in their way is Steve and Ricky. Hembeck crafts a cute story set in the 50s in an anywhere town USA. The art is a cartoony MAD magazine mix that works with the Halloween story. It’s a story that works best being the first one out of the gate in a book of stronger stories.

Veterans Day is written by Bill Morrison with art by Tone Rodriguez. It focuses on a group of veterans as they plan the first ever Veterans Day parade. Another Martian scouting party comes down, and the Vets are the only people in the town who take the threat seriously. It’s a humorous story with beautiful art and a strong historical setting.

Thanksgiving is by Ian Boothby with art by Alan Robinson, and is my personal favorite of the lot. It’s a quirky story that takes place during the Thanksgiving Day parade and is a perfect send up of current pop culture. There are more nods to pop culture and comics than you can shake a proverbial stick out. It is flat out hilarious.

Christmas is written and drawn by Dean Haspiel with colors by Allen Passalaqua. It’s actually a heartwarming tale that mirrors the old WWI tale where German and British troops came together on Christmas and celebrated together. This one doesn’t feel like a straight Mars Attacks story, but it works brilliantly. The heart brings up the rear in this collection.

Bottom Line: Mars Attacks The Holidays is a perfect collection that showcases four different styles with the theme of Martians. Some stories are stronger than others, but each one works well in its Holiday context. This is a great entry into Mars Attacks everyone can enjoy 4/5.

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