Review: Mars Attacks Popeye


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The weekly event of the year starts on the second day of the year! Mars Attacks Martians invade five different IDW timelines and universes this month, starting with their assault on Sweethaven. How can Popeye, Alice the Goon, the Sea Hag the rest of the one-eyed sailor’s friends and foes possibly contend with this threat from beyond the stars?

Mars Attacks IDW kicks off with Popeye. The rascally Martians will be invading five titles on a weekly basis for the month of January. Popeye and the citizens of Sweethaven are the first stop on the campaign of destruction. Mars Attacks Popeye is written by Martin Powell and features art, colors, and lettering by Terry Beatty. The question is, does this kick things off on a high note?

popeye coverThe story is pretty straightforward- the Martians land, the Sea Hag is able to manipulate the invaders to her will, then all heck breaks loose. Popeye and his band of friends are left in the wake of destruction to deal with the alien menace. With the help of Professor Wotasnozzle and some of Eugene the Jeep’s 4th dimensional powers, the playing field is somewhat leveled so Popeye can do some talking with his fists. To confront an army of Martians, Popeye will need an army of his own. Popeye and his allies stand against the Martians. Is it enough though? We do have four more weeks to go in a somewhat connected story.

Powell crafts a Popeye story that feels absolutely classic. This is a crossover that uses both properties to their fullest, but it feels like an old fashioned Popeye story at its heart. The art is equally fantastic. Terry Beatty does an amazing job integrating the Martian invaders into the world of Popeye. The book feels like an old school comic strip with all the iconic style you’d expect from a Thimble Theaters Popeye story.

Bottom Line: This is the perfect way to kick off the Mars Attacks crossover. Powell and Beatty craft a near perfect Popeye story, plus it has the addition of Mars Attack to put it over the top. If you love Popeye, Mars Attacks, or just great retro storytelling and art this is one you must pick up. Mars is attacking IDW and it seems like it’s going to be great 5/5.

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